51 things in 51 years

image Here are 51 things I have learned in 51 years.

I can't say I follow or exude each of these all the time, but I can say these are things I have noticed for making life more livable.

Take them for what they are worth.

As a point of reference I wrote all of these while I was walking my friend’s dog, Sydney, from 1000 feet above sea level on the Haleakala volcano last week.

Was I distracted and not following a few of my points? Sure, but sometimes the juices get flowing and you have to let them out. Here is what came out. Enjoy!  


Here are my 51 observations for 51 years:

    1. Respect your elders

    2. There is more to life than money

    3. Be kind

    4. Mean people suck

    5. Life is short

    6. Break bread

    7. Indulge yourself

    8. Little splurges matter

    9. Say thank you and mean it

    10. Do the right thing

    11. Never need to say you are sorry

    12. When you do have to apologize... Mean it

    13. Take walks

    14. Have a plan ... No matter how small

    15. Travel

    16. Listen

    17. Learn

    18. Save something

    19. Grow something

    20. Build something

    21. Keep promises

    22. Keep commitments

    23. Keep going

    24. Watch a sunset

    25. Watch a sunrise (in the same 24 hours)


    image You've just made it halfway.

    If you are 25 now how many of these have you considered, done, lived, experienced?

    Ready for more?


    26. Hold a door

    27. Smile more

    28. Purge the old

    29. Keep the good

    30. One thing in. One thing out

    31. Read

    32. Write

    33. Do hard things

    34. Find the time

    35. Turn it off / Turn it on

    36. Do things that scare you

    37. Spend time with family

    38. Create a family – Biologically or otherwise

    39. Be comfortable being alone

    40. You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in proportion

    41. Bring the donuts

    42. Share

    43. Look up

    44. Look around

    45. Look for ways to give back

    46. Expect positive results

    47. Work hard to achieve your goals

    48. Take a back road

    49. Take the high road

    50. Take a different route to work

    51. Love People … not things

    Bonus Point --- A Primer for Next Year:


    Enjoy the moments. They don't last forever.


dennisvjames said…
Bring the donuts. It's easy to forget this one with all the health-oriented things we attempt as we get older (and broader). But who doesn't like them?
Jeff Shuey said…
Yep, Bring the Donuts can be replaced with Bring the Scones, Bring the Spirulina Infused Energy Drinks or whatever. The idea is ... bring something to share. And, in true Pay It Forward fashion ... with no expectations.