It’s not Partnering, It’s Personal – Part 2

image Part 2 of this story involves the Seattle Seahawks, Microsoft and the NFC Championship.

If you read Part 1 you know I mentioned my friend Kevin McMillen of Ryantechand how he reminded me that:

Partnering IS Personal

It started with a phone call. Kevin called to ask if I thought a mutual friend at Microsoft would be interested in some tickets he just happened to have to the game on Sunday. Just happened to have. That made me smile.

I’m Talking about THE GAME

imageYes, The NFC Championship! The game that is being played by the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. The game that has tickets selling for over $1000. The game that sends the winner to the Super Bowl.

This is the game Kevin just happens to have tickets for. This is the game Kevin wants to give tickets away for someone that would really appreciate and enjoy the game. Kevin was looking for a Super Fan. Kevin had someone in mind. He wanted a Super Fan.

How do you Identify a Super Fan

He already had an idea who this Super Fan was going to be. He had figured, rightly so, that our friend Lisa Harper was the perfect candidate. She’s a Super Fan thru and thru. Kevin reached out to her … and waited … and waited … and waited.

Finally, she was able to check her phone and saw The Offer. I’m glad Lisa was able to say yes. I’m glad that she will be able to exercise her vocal chords at The Game today. And, I’m really happy to see that Kevin is Paying It Forward with our mutual friend. Showing that Kevin knows and lives the idea that Partnering IS Personal

Watch for posts from Lisa today. She’ll be the one with the huge smile (which she always has with her).

And, if you see her smiling face give her a rowdy “Go Hawks!” cheer and know that she is one of you.

In case you don’t know Lisa … She is one of the people that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure our partnering efforts with the Microsoft Partner Engagement Board and the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference are seamless and productive. Of all the people I know Lisa is one of the most deserving of receiving this incredible offer from Kevin.

Both Lisa and Kevin exemplify the idea that Partnering IS Personal

clip_image001If you see this smiling fan in the stands, at the tailgates or on the television … let her know she is awesome and she deserves to enjoy an awesome game (and hopefully an incredible win for the Seahawks).


What Does This Have to Do With Partners and Microsoft?

Well, it’s simple. The way Kevin and I met and the way Lisa and I met is all because of a group we are part of within the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem. So, as I mentioned in Part 1 … it started out as a Partnering Relationship and grew into a Personal Relationship.


We know each other well enough to be able to make introductions to other partners that may not be the right fit for our business, but we know that we will do our best to help these partners. That’s the nature of the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem. We help each other to Connect. Learn. and Grow (which happens to be the tag line of the IAMCP).

Partnering is Personal

Lisa … Have Fun at the Game. Takes lots of pics and I’ll be looking for you on TV and I’ll be listening for your rowdy “Go Hawks!” cheers.

Thanks again Kevin for the call, the reminder and for your willingness to Share the LUV and Pay It Forward.

Your kindness and compassion are coming thru … again.

You are the embodiment & living, breathing proof that Partnering IS Personal

Image Credits: Microsoft, NFL Football. Seattle Seahawks, Space Needle


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