The Experience Economy … Brought to you by Microsoft

image In the past Microsoft encouraged their employees and partners to stay true to the Microsoft product stack.

As a former Microsoftie I have followed this model and mantra for years.

However, in the last year or so … there has been a shift.

No surprise … this shift is strongly tied to the new CEO. The addition of Satya Nadella is a good thing for Microsoft, and it’s good for customers and partners too.

I’m very happy to see Microsoft is embracing

The Experience Economy.

On-Prem, In the Cloud, or Hybrid?

In this day and age … It doesn’t matter.

In The Experience Economy every thing is open and fair game. If you want to try different devices and services it now encouraged. There is a new focus on experiences.

In case you missed the post by Julia White on the Evolution of SharePoint. Julia is the General Manager for the Office Product Management team at Microsoft. But, the real focus on was on Experiences.

Some of the next experiences (that are starting now) include:

  • Windows 10 – Coming to a PC Near You
  • BYOA – Bring Your Own Applications
  • Apps Everywhere are The Next Big Thing
  • The New Mobile (see this New York Times article)

How about you?

What Do You Want To Experience?

Image Credit: Minh Uong / The New York Times


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