Fish Outta Water (FOW) in People Management

image Like the kids game Marco Polo there are times in business where you've gotta call fish outta water.

Applying FOW Thinking at Work

Some people just aren't suited for their role and no amount of intellectual horsepower will make up for a lack of passion, conviction or willingness to take to the time understand the business. This may seem a bit harsh and it is, but the business deserves everyone's best efforts.

When this happens you hope the person recognizes it and calls "FOW" on themselves.

But, when they don't, won't or can't ... management needs to step in.

Have you Ever ...

  • Called Fish Outta Water on yourself?
  • Called it on someone else? Or at least wanted to?
  • What were the results? Did you find it to be better? Did the person thank you?
Note the the Reader: This is a flashback post from 2010. It was stuck in my drafts folder. I'm publishing today as a #TBT

Updating for Today: In honor of the Foo Fighters being the last band on David Letterman I'm linking to another post I wrote called - Is Someone Getting the Best of You?

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