Generational Problem Solving

During a Tweetjam with the always insightful Christian Buckley where the topic of conversation was The Use and Future of Groups within Office 365. It got me thinking about a quote from Albert Einstein. That quote is simple, elegant and applicable to this Group conversation.image

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

The Modern Tech Equivalent
As espoused the host of the Tweetjam and retweeted by the equally prescient Marc D Anderson
Tech rarely solves a collaboration challenge.
It's a tool as part of the effort.

Thanks to Christian and all the people that contributed to the Tweetjam. A complete listing will be available shortly. When it is I will update this post with a link. In the meantime you can check the Twubs site for the hashtag #CollabTalk or click on the image below. image
The Future Looks Bright
I’m optimistic that the challenges and problems introduced by the current technical and business platforms and philosophies are being looked at by a new set of eyes. Some of these eyes are from the up and coming (and now dominant workforce) of The Millennials. We are also begining to be a few Gen Z’s that will have a direct impact on the way the technology and business rules will morph in the coming decade.
The Problem Cannot Be Solved By The People That Created It.
What do you think?
  • Can problems be resolved by the people that created them?
  • What will need to change to make change permanent?
  • Will problems will the next generation create for their kids?
Drop a comment here and let us all know.


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