Twas the Night Before Windows 10

Who’s excited about Windows 10? image

Microsoft will release Windows 10 to the wild on July 29th. Many people have been running Preview Builds for months and providing feedback to Microsoft.

Devices are ready …

Partners are ready …

Are you ready?

Everyone is Invited!

imageWindows 10 is a FREE Upgrade for most people.

In the System Tray you should see a Windows icon. Click on it and you’ll see the picture above.

You can click thru the screens or go straight to the Learn more on

You can Reserve Your Copy and it will automagically be downloaded to your hard disk when it becomes available.

From what I understand you WILL have the option to install now or delay installation. Details are here.

What are People Saying and Thinking?

There are some folks that are keen to get started. And, some that are going to take a wait and see approach.

For me … I just want Windows 10 for my mobile device.

Specifically, my Windows Camera (nee Phone). I’m hoping the mobile operating system will add the features that have been severely lacking and would help Windows mobile (lower case ‘m’) catch up with iOS and Android.

Specifically, a voice-to-text that works across all apps. And, a “Shake-to-Restore” option.

A few of the comments from my request on Facebook yesterday.



What are you expecting on your hard disk?

Are you Ready?

If you still need a nudge … here is a great article from Wired with these key points:

If you’re using Windows 8, 7, XP, ME, or 3.1, you should upgrade … It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s a huge improvement on whatever version you’re using.

What Say You?

Drop a comment here with your thoughts or on the Facebook thread here. I hope to see you on the Win10 side of the tracks soon.

image credits: Microsoft Corporation

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