WPC Top Ten List

imageMy top 10 list will be different than yours. Add a comment here with your top one, two or ten things you liked about‪#‎wpc15‬ ‪#‎IAMCP‬

I will be elaborating on a few of these in blog posts over the next few days. If you have ideas and want to collaborate let me know.

Drum roll please ....

  1. Bryan Roper - Storyteller & DemoGod
  2. Community - together we win. We win together.
  3. Disruption - it's a new world.
  4. Cloud Dominance - leadership in 4 Gartner Magic Quadrants
  5. Satya Gets It - right in the middle, but leading from the front.
  6. It Takes a Village --- This is an Ecosystem
  7. Partner = Ecosystem = Community
  8. Social Hub - I might be biased, but this area rocks! (PS - I spoke in 2 sessions)
  9. FTA's --- Being a mentor & giving back. FTA = First Time Attendees and I have been mentoring them for years. Giving Back Matters!
  10. IAMCP - all partners should be members. All MSFT employees should too (it's free for blue badges)

image credit: Harry Zgnilek

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