More than just Flying High

imageI was really proud to see our daughter flying high last night. She was part of the Student Show at Emerald City Trapeze.

My proud dad pic and video is here up front. Heck, it’s my blog … I get to do that. There was much more to the show.

There were a lot of great performers. Including my former Microsoft colleague Lynn Cafferty Treadwell --- she was amazing (see video below).

I was also happy to see the Emerald City Trapeze Arts organization put together an incredible Student Show.

How It Begins

This is the view from our seats just before the show started.

WP_20150926_19_05_53_ProI didn’t get pictures of everything, but I did take it all in. I can highly recommend you look for the next Student Show and make a plan to attend. Or, better yet, Fly!

See you at the next one!

Pics: There were several people taking pics and videos. Watch the Emerald City Trapeze facebook page, website, tweets and for the #emeraldcitytrapeze hashtag

imageThere were quite a few elements to the Student Show. In a little less than 90 minutes multiple skills were highlighted. I didn’t get pics or the names of all of the performers. But, I can tell you … they were ALL having fun. Their smiles showed it. Their skills confirmed that their hard work is paying off.

  • Kids – This was perhaps the best part. Seeing these kids. So much energy, so much talent. And, having a ton of fun.
  • Hoop – This was amazing and so graceful.
  • Swinging Pole – Something I haven’t seen before. A powerful and intriguing act.
  • Silks – The youngsters showed how much fun these are by spinning, climbing and dropping.
  • Cyr Wheel – If you haven’t see this before it is amazing to watch.

Pics of the Student Show

WP_20150926_19_54_19_Pro WP_20150926_19_54_51_Pro
WP_20150926_21_01_39_Pro WP_20150926_19_51_54_Pro

Lynn’s Video

Are You Ready to Fly?

Check out Emerald City Trapeze … See you at the next Student Show.

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Kurt Springman said…
Looks like fun.... perhaps I'll give it a swing...