Community Happens Everywhere --- Even in Redmond

imageLast weekend was the first time in about 5 years that I was NOT speaking at the local SharePoint Saturday event in Redmond.

And it was GREAT!

Not because I don’t enjoy speaking. Not because I don’t enjoy sharing what I’ve learned. Not because I don’t enjoy the interaction with the folks that attend.

Nope … I was really able to enjoy being present.

I was able to really focus on seeing my friends speak.

I was able to meet up with folks I generally don’t get a chance to chat with and spend much time with at these events. Usually I’m focused on making sure I’m delivering the best session I possibly can. This time I was able to enjoy the event and take it all in. To enjoy the community engagement efforts.

All Volunteer Effort
As most people know all of the SharePoint Saturday events are run by volunteers. They have day jobs, families, and lives outside of spending days and sometimes weeks preparing for an event that is put on for FREE!

Here is the video I shot just before the event. Below are some of the pics I shot during the event. Follow #SPSRED on Twitter and Facebook for more pics from some of the organizers, speakers and attendees.

Some of the folks I was happy to catch up with are listed below, but I can’t possibly list all of them: Karuana Gatimu and Roberto Yglesias; Jared Shockley; Eric Overfield; Erica Toelle; Greg Frick; Treb Gatte; Jill Hannemann; Gavin Barron; Brian Alderman; Tom Duff; Matt Moalem; Melinda Morales; Misty Fisher; and so many others. There are great pics on Twitter and Facebook of many of them.

Thanks to them for organizing, speaking and being part of this community.

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Community Happens Everywhere!

  • What are your best community events?
  • Who are you favorite community leaders?
  • What are the best parts of your community?

Drop a comment here and share with the community.

Photo Credit: Christian Buckley for this pic of Bill Baer


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