From Windows Camera to Windows Phone?

imageCan Microsoft make the leap?

We shall see.

For those that know me they know I have been drinking the Microsoft Kool-Aid for a loooooong time. Countless people have told me they cannot see how I can suffer for so long. Well, here I go again.

I’m optimistic for October 6th

Oct 6th will be interesting. Microsoft is launching new hardware. Perhaps the Surface 4 and also a new phone ... that might actually be more than just a camera.

I'll only be watching for one thing ... Voice-to-Text EVERYWHERE.

This is a missing feature in the Denim release of the Microsoft Phone OS today. I am optimistic, but also realistic.

I assume the camera will be decent, but so are all the others. No longer can Windows Phone get by on having the best cameras. Most people barely know Windows Phone's exist. Those that do ... know they OS is great ... at least from a user friendliness, look and feel and usability point of view.


Here are the two new phones being announced:

  • Cityman – aka the 950XL
  • Talkman – aka the 950

More details can be found here.

imageTune in to the event tomorrow at 7am PT – here is a link or click on the image.

Listen in and let’s connect afterwards to share notes.

Fingers Crossed!

I’m looking for the magic. Perhaps a great camera. Perhaps great software to drive even better picture taking. Perhaps more access to apps (Can Universal Apps save the day?)

I’m Optimistic

I hope I am pleasantly surprised. However, after 15 years of being on various incarnations of the Microsoft mobile platforms I’ve taken a more wait and see approach.

As I wrote about on LinkedIn … I want to see the Windows Mobile and the Windows mobile strategies --- note that one is lower case and the other is upper case.

What are you expecting from the new Windows Mobile and mobile strategy?

  • Is there a place for another set of devices?
  • Can they energize a new base of Prospects? Developers? Carriers?
  • Can they re-energize the existing customer base?

Drop a comment here and let us know what you think.

Image Credits: Microsoft, Techwren, The Verge


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