The Three Best Things of Working for Microsoft

I have often commented about the 3rd best thing of working at Microsoft is

All the Chocolate Milk you can drink. (click2tweet)


Numerous people have asked me what number one and number two are.

Well, I’ll share those with you here .. in order and why. I’d also like to know what your Three Best Things of Working for Microsoft are and why.

#3 --- All the Chocolate Milk You Can Drink

I say the 3rd best is all the Chocolate Milk you can drink. Yes, I say it with a smile on my face. And, perhaps a bit of a milk mustache.

The fact is … Microsoft is a huge company that spends a lot of time, money and effort to insure employees have what they need to do their jobs. Chocolate Milk has helped me many times to do my job.

Which brings me to my first two Best Things of Working for Microsoft. My first two favorite things are directly related to the commitment Microsoft makes to the employees. I mention these because I’ve benefitted from them directly and experienced them within Microsoft.

My Ask for You:
I’d like to hear what you’ve found within The Halls of Microsoft. Great T-Shirts used to be a thing.

Or, if you’ve never worked there …
What do you think you’d find?

The Three Best Things of Working for Microsoft (click2tweet)

  1. imageLibrary – Microsoft has an amazing staff of librarians that will get you any book, any research, anything you need. Just ask!
  2. Training / Mentorship – For training Microsoft makes it easy by offering (sometimes mandating) training courses. Microsoft also has an incredible mentorship program for helping employees connect with employees. I have been both a mentor and a mentee.
  3. All the Chocolate Milk you can drink – ‘nuf said!

Am I right or am I right?

What do you say?

For current or former Microsoft employee (or contractor) …

What are:

The Three Best Things of Working for Microsoft?

imageDrop a comment here and let’s start a discussion.

Then, when I see you on campus … let’s continue the conversation over a chocolate milk.

PS – How can you tell when it’s been a great event at Microsoft? Answer: ALL the chocolate milk is gone.

PPS – I did NOT drink it all. I’m an enthusiast and I encourage others to enjoy a cold one now and again.

Full Disclosure: I’ve been gone from Microsoft for 11 years, but I continue to work closely with a lot of people and teams within Microsoft. I honestly thought I’d stay at Microsoft for the rest of my career. Who knows … it’s a new Microsoft … maybe I’ll go back.


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jackvinson said…
You are tempting my kids (and me). We have been doing Coder Dojo at the Microsoft NERD Center, and they have a fridge stocked with plenty of drinks, including chocolate (and strawberry) milk. Yum!