You are Invited ... Notes from the Trails

imageMost people know me as a partner, channels and business development guy. Which I am.

However, I also participate in a radio show on the first Monday of every month.

Guess what? That’s tomorrow!

I shot a little video invitation for you.

You Are Invited!

It’s free and dare I say fun. Every month I do a segment called Breakthrough Byte. This month I’ll be talking about The Computer in Your Pocket. Yes, I will be talking about Windows Phones and Continuum.

imageJoin us LIVE at 9am PST (Noon EST) – here:

For those that have been following along they know I am a Windows Phone enthusiast. Even though it may not always seem like it … I do want the platform to succeed.

Windows Phones and The Future

My Breakthrough Byte segment will not focus exclusively on the Windows Phone platform, but there is a development from the past few months that does play a significant part in this months segment. Microsoft announced a product called “Continuum” early in 2015. They have showed it a few times and I wrote about it here Is this the Microsoft Surface Mini? – where I make a prediction about what will happen with the platform. Hint: It’s a Tilt the Tables play.image

Thanks for Keeping it 100
There are two people I know that are so beholden to the Windows Phone platform that I think they may have written something about the devices and platform in their wills. Yes, I’m talking about David Gersten and John Kelso. Both are great guys and I truly do appreciate their passion and their willingness to keep me honest.

Tune-in to Learn More

I will also be doing a special segment as I fill in for Don Cooper, the Sales Heretic, as he takes care of some family business. I’ll be doing a segment on Mindset - Are Your Internal Conversations Killing Your Sales.

imageOf course, as with every month, there will be a long form featured interview with an author led by Michele Price. This month it’s Bill George, the author of:

Discover Your True North

Notes from the Trails

Here is a little video invitation I shot for you from my local Mtn Biking trails.

I usually do these mid-way through my ride in my local forest. Enjoy!

See you on the radio tomorrow!

Let me know how we did. We do this radio show for you. I’m always looking for great ideas to share. If you have something you think would be good for a Breakthrough Byte segment drop a comment here or ping me via any of the channels below.

Thanks for listening!


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