Encourage a STEMWIT near you

Half the population of the world can, will and has already done amazing things.

imageSome of the greatest Science, Technology, Engineering and Math accomplishments have been envisioned and achieved by … gasp .. women.

Encourage a STEMWIT near you.

Now is the time to help women to know that they can and should continue these efforts. There is much more to STEM and STEMWIT efforts that just writing code. However, coding is a good place to start.

Beyond the BroGrammer Mentality

I heard this term on The Daily Show from Reshma Saujani,  the founder of Girls Who Code. By her own admission she is not a coder. However, she explains her commitment to help Girls Who Code in the video.

Blog - Girls who code

Girls need to see other girls getting into coding.

Are you encouraging a kid near you to do amazing things?

Bonus points if it’s a girl.

Women in Technology is NOT new

Women in Technology is something that has been around for many years. Some of the best and most pioneering efforts were envisioned, accomplished and published by women.

Something changed along the way. Yes, there are still a lot of women doing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But, there is more of a Bro mentality these days. This can change. This should change. Change starts with you.

Encourage a STEMWIT near you.

In case you haven’t figured out this quasi-portmanteau … STEMWIT is a combination of STEM and WIT. And means … Encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Women in Technology.

All About the Code

Nope. It’s not all about the code.

Even though some of the earliest coders were women. Notably,

imageOf course, there have been incredible women in STEM (and STEAM) efforts over the course of history. To the well known accomplishments of Marie Curie’s pioneering efforts with X-Rays to lesser known and popularized efforts of countless women.

Ten women that you may have only heard of in passing or haven’t heard of at all are highlighted in this great article by the Smithsonian - Ten Historic Female Scientists You Should Know.

Why Do I Care?

As a father of a teenage daughter I have always encouraged her to consider the sciences. As an engineer I encourage anyone that wants to get involved in STEM (or STEAM if you prefer – see my post on STEM or STEAM – The Answer is the Same). As the President of the IAMCP Seattle chapter I am actively involved in the Seattle WIT chapter (which is supported by the IAMCP and Microsoft).


How Can You Get Involved?

There are a lot of ways to get involved and give back. Everything from supporting local DECA efforts to joining your local IAMCP chapter (Join Us) and becoming involved in the WIT chapter efforts. We have regularly scheduled meetings all over the world. The Seattle chapter meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month – You are Invited (read more)

Let’s Connect

If you want to know more or connect with me to ask any questions or get involved please contact me directly. My contact details are below for social networking channels or send email to jeff@nunalu.com

For more information on IAMCP and IAMCP WIT efforts go to: http://www.iamcp-us.org/ and http://www.iamcp-us.org/?page=WomenInTechnology

For more information go to Girls Who Code - http://girlswhocode.com/

Image Credits: NASA, IAMCP, Microsoft

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