6 Weeks In and the Smiles keep Growing

20160404_013953000_iOSIt's been a little over a month with the iPhone ... after many years on Windows devices.

So far ... so good. There are a few goofy idiosyncrasies that are partially me and partially the OS.

I’m getting used to it and still learning tips and tricks from YOU … the experts. Thanks to everyone out there that have shared apps, ideas and best practices.

I’m thinking of people like Bryan Hart, Owen Allen and Chakkaradeep Chandran and a few others. THANK YOU! Keep ‘em coming!

As a friend in the Microsoft partner ecosystem told me …

“It’s like going from radio to color television”
~ Jon Sastre

imageThese are a few of My Favorite Things:
(Yes, you can sing along to the Sound of Music)

If you have more … share ‘em in the comments.

  1. Outlook for iOS is AWESOME! The Focused View is amazing.
  2. ApplePay -- I've used it 3 times and I smile every time.
  3. Apps ... duh! Having modern (and updated apps is AMAZING)
  4. Thumbprint Unlock - Kinda cool.
  5. Podcasts that you can listen too while doing other stuff.
  6. Banking Apps -- Life Savers! And, gasoline savers (and time too)!
  7. Did I say apps? Yes, a surfing app, a SBUX app, an NPR One app, a Zillow app, a Sioeye app --- they are not business critical, but they are VERY NICE to have. The Microsoft apps for iOS are impressive too.


Use Siri to check on the planes over your head RIGHT NOW!

Press the home button and say:

Wolfram, What Planes are Overhhead?

imageGo ahead and try it. I’ll wait.
Apple has an arrangement with Wolfram Alpha
You don’t need to download the app for this.

Worst / Could Use Improvement

Note: These are NOT complaints. They are just observations.

Big Plus --- And this is HUGE:
Because someone is paying attention to this device and this ecosystem I am confident that these issues will be addressed and fixed.

  1. OneNote: The inability to send myself text versions of OneNote's via email is sorely lacking. It's not a show stopper, but it is noticed.
  2. Camera: It's good, but it's no Lumia.
  3. Camera Apps: The Nokia Lumia has an amazing One Touch Fix for 99% of all pics. The iPhone magic wand is quite up to par for my expectations. 
    1. Thanks to Chakkaradeep Chandran for the notes on the camera apps Snapseed, enlight and ProCam.

Thank you to everyone for the comments,
recommendations and for the Tips & Tricks.

I’m not the only one …

imageThere are a few of us in this new world order, this world of apps and vibrant ecosystems. Including Darrell Webster, Kelvin Kirby, David Gersten (Android) and a few others that were long time Windows Phone users that have made the jump.

We are like the proverbial kid in the candy store.

If you want to read about my exploits in the Windows Phone world I have written a lot about it, but you might want to start here in Back Story … 17 Years in Transition.

Yes, I’m late to the party, but I’m really happy I have made the move.

As Jon Sastre, Founder and CEO ConQuest Technology Services said about making the same move to the iPhone:

“It’s like going from radio to color television”

What do you think?

  • What is your ONE APP you cannot live without?
  • What app do you tell EVERYONE they MUST download?
  • What are your Tips & Tricks?
  • What apps and action have you found that just make you smile?

Add your thoughts here and let’s share what we can and make the ecosystem that much more enlightened and lively.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in Apps-Sphere.

Image Credits: my new iPhone and thanks to Jeff Dahl for being a super model

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