76 Trombones in the Big Parade

LI - Pic of WPC and TOR T-76 (Trombones)Will you be there?

Will you make it to the Big Show?

Will you make it to The Big Parade?

The Big Parade starts in 76 days.
WPC 16 is almost here. 


We are at 76 Days before the worlds largest Partner to Partner Conference. Make sure you are prepared to do at least the following four things:

  1. Register - Start Here!
  2. Begin your Pre-Event Planning
  3. Build out your message and elevator pitch
  4. Follow Up! This is the #1 thing you can do to differentiate yourself.


There are expected to be more than 15,000 partners at the WPC 16. Some you may already be partnering with. Others you SHOULD be partnering with. Make it EASY for them to identify you and you them.


Also, Microsoft has published some of the key elements of the WPC event. 

Dont Miss .... The Road to WPC

As noted here before ... there is a road trip in the works with Kevin McMillen from Ryantech. Follow along and get involved here. Let us know if you are on the route. If you are there may be a special surprise for you. Details are here on this post 


You can follow along here: http://www.theroadtowpc16.com/
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Will You Be There for the Big Parade?

I hope so.

If yes …

Meet me in Toronto for the largest
Partner-to-Partner Conference in the world.


You may also want to check these out for more details - both have a short video:

Image Credits: Microsoft, Ryantech

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