50 Tips–Your Weekly Rollup

Last week I started a countdown to WPC

There will be 50 Tips in 50 Days.image

Have you been following along?

I have been posting them on the Microsoft Docs.com site here.

I have been sharing them across 4 of the Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and yes … Google+ (What can I say, I’m a fan).’

Here is the kick off post from the start of the First of 50 Tips in 50 Days.

Fun Fact:
The WPC is the largest Business Event
ever held in Canada

How can you follow along?

  • Follow at least one of these hashtags: #IAMCP #WPC16 #WPC50TIPS
  • Send me a note – Jeff.Shuey@iamcp.org --- I can add you the mailing list
  • Join the IAMCP – Members are getting updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, and via other means.

Why 50 Tips?

Why not? But, seriously … 50 Days gives you enough time to get a few of the most critical things done. For example, registering for the event and booking hotels and airfare. WPC always sells out!

  • Here are the tips in text form (the first 7 days + 1 bonus day)


Register for the event … digitalwpc.com
This might seem obvious, but if you don't register.
You'll miss out on meeting partners and your next deal


Plan your time wisely.
Use the event planner to schedule your meetings.
In order to maximize your time utilization


Confirm Flights, Hotels, Transportation.
Make sure all of your travel plans are in order.
Prices go up and availability goes down.


Create a Top 5 To-Do List for the event.
Start putting the plans in place now to make them happen.
Planning now will save time later.


Golf - Sponsor and/or Play in the Charity Golf event.
The annual IAMCP WPC 2016 Golf Tournament is on Sunday.
Meet Partners! Start off WPC right here: wpcgolf.com


Leave time in your calendar for unexpected activities, meetings, and get togethers. Follow #WPCmeetup
Some of the best meetings happen when you least expect it!


Business Cards - Plan to have a stack with you at all times.
If you need to re-design them. Now is the time.
If you need to re-order. Now is the time.


Become familiar and start using the Microsoft WPC Connect site.
See Tip #50 - You need to be registered.
WPC Connect is your best tool to find & engage with partners

Are you with us?

If you are not an IAMCP member yet … why not?


Can you do me a favor? Take 60 seconds and sign up! Please!!

Think of it as a Lunch Plan.

It’s the best $195 you’ll spend all year. Your IAMCP membership is a Lunch Plan with Benefits --- the benefits include that you get to meet with your peers and you get to give to give back to your community.

Favor #2 --- Please take 3 minutes and read what I wrote about the ease and logic of joining your local IAMCP chapter in Would you pay $200 for a well qualified lead?

Hint: All IAMCP is Local and all about You!
Your peers are there, You should be too!

Ultimately, just as in life …
you get out of it what you put into it

The WPC is all about YOU!

imageThe Partner!

If you have never been before I look forward to meeting you.

If you are a veteran … please share your tips here and with others.

As mentioned in Tip #41 … Look for FTA’s … also known as First Time Attendees. They will be wearing red lanyards.

If you are an FTA --- make sure you check out the First Time Attendee & Mentor Program (link). Heads Up! I am one of the mentors.

If you see an FTA:

  • Say hello
  • Ask them how their day is going
  • Ask them what the best thing they’ve learned (so far)

I recommend this same thing for all attendees. But, especially for the FTA’s. Do you remember your first time? Wouldn’t you have wished you had someone to show you the ropes? Well … now is your chance.

Will I see you in Toronto?

I hope so. I also hope these tips resonate with you. As mentioned above … please share your tips and ideas … either in my little Excel Survey or in the comments here.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your kindness with tips and to FTA’s.

See you in Toronto!

Image Credits: Microsoft, IAMCP, RyanTech

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