Are you Getting your 60?

Whatever you do …

Just get your heart rate up!

Why? To counter the newest fear.

That ... Sitting is the new smoking.

It's not a new concept, but it's one that is worth revisiting.
The main thing is that people
Get Their 60
Meaning 60 minutes of combined exercise each day.

In case you missed it there have been numerous articles and segments in the paper and on the radio over the past few years. This segment from NPR - Offset Your Office Sitting ... in Just One Hour A Day! - from just a few weeks ago hit all the hot buttons:
  • Sitting is the new smoking
  • Getting 60 minutes of exercise is best AND it can be broken up into chunks.
  • Anything to get the heart rate up
Do Water Sports Count?
YES! And, if anyone comments / complains ... just tell 'em:
Hey, the science backs it up!
Whether you are charging the waves, cruising the flats or racing ... science says ... getting your heart rate up ... even a little bit helps.

Think Interval Training. The idea where you go for relatively short periods for as hard as you can.

Anyone who has played field or court based sports has likely done wind sprints. Which means ... Interval Training is also not new. You can find more here.

You CAN do Interval Training on the Water
If you are committed to water sports you can and should consider Interval Training to get your 60 minutes of exercise.
I do a lot of LSD Cruising on my SUP
I do a lot of LSD Cruising on my Stand Up Paddle board (SUP). Where LSD means Long Slow Distance. During these LSD sessions I can work on stroke form and try different things. Deeper or longer pulls. And, in these LSD sessions I can switch things up - long pulls, alternating sides at a different cadence, deep pulls, paddle rotation, etc.

Then when it comes time for Interval Training (Getting my 60) I can put those techniques to work. Whether it's 10, 20 or 30 second sprints ... as hard as I can for longer periods. Use whatever works for you.

The advantage of being on the water is ... you can jump in right after you finish.

Remember ... When you are out smiling on your surfboard, stand up paddle board, wind surfer, kite board or whatever "board" you choose ... you can let people know. 
I've got science backing me up.
My personal favorite kind of board meeting is like the the picture below. They are the best ... with friends, in the water, chatting, laughing and bonding.

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed more than a few of these.
How about you?
What will you do to get your heart rate up?
How will you Get Your 60?

HR Question: If you are part of a corporate human resources team ... Have you considered adding board sports to your employee benefits? Some HR departments will complain that it's too risky. Well, Caveat Alert: Of course, there are risks. That's part of getting the heart rate up, right?

As for me ... 

I'll be the guy smiling ... and knowing that science is on my side while I Get My 60.

Ride on! And, See you on the water!
This is part of my on-going series of posts where I try to have a little fun and share a little of my insights on People, Process and Technology.
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