I can’t tell you how energizing it is to see this community grow

Community-EngagementBut, let me try.
Yesterday I spent time with some of the people in the incredible SharePoint Community. Before you stop reading … this is not a post about SharePoint.
This is a post about Community!
It’s about a few of the things that make for a great community. Ultimately a community is NOTHING without people. The people make it all possible. The people keep it going. And, the people are the ones that (when done right) get to shape, define and develop the community as they see fit.
How do you go about the points mentioned below?

  • Community Building
  • Community Growth
  • The Future of Communities A few more factors to consider?
    • Will your community be around when you are gone (maybe not from this earth, but from the community itself)?
    • Is your community self-governed?
    • Is your community able to grow and adapt with the times?
    I have been involved in some amazing communities over the years. Many of them related to work and a few related to sports. But, I can tell you the one community that I have tremendous respect and admiration for is the SharePoint community.
    I was involved in the early days when there really wasn’t much of a partner play. But, through the hard work, dedication and commitment from a lot of people the community continues to grow and to give back.
    The SharePoint Fest Community
    imageAs I posted on Facebook yesterday I was stoked that David Wilhelm allowed me to drop in on the SPFest Seattle event.
    It was a great chance to catch up with some of the people that make the SharePoint Community great.
    Some of them are listed below on the FB post and a few are shown in the picture block below too.
    Is your community built to last?
    The SharePoint Community is going on 20 years and … is still growing. Sure, it has changed. Much like the questions I posed above the community has adapted.
    SharePoint as a product has continued to grow too. The Father of SharePoint, Jeff Teper, is still actively involved in the effort as are quite a few industry partners. Many of these partners have been there since the beginning. By itself SharePoint the product would have never made it this far.
    It’s the Community that keeps it growing.

    Hot Topic – Need More SharePoint?
  • SharePoint Saturday Redmond is coming back on October 29th. Sign up today!
    Sign up for a local SharePoint Saturday
    in your area here.

    Either to attend … or better yet …
    to give back what you have learned.

    Together we are all part of the community.
    Some of the smiling faces that keep me coming back for more include the following people, but there are so many more. Many of them work behind the scenes to keep the events running and to keep the community thriving.
    Many of them travel long distances and commit their own resources to share what they know. For that I thank them.
    Enough about Me … How about you?
    As mentioned … this is not a post about SharePoint. Rather it is a post about community. I continue to be really excited about the vibe and energy of the SharePoint Partner community. The SharePoint community is alive and well. How about yours?
    What’s your Community Vibe?
    What keeps your community growing?
    What will your community be in 20 years?
    Drop a comment here. I’m sure there will likely be a few smirks and snarks (at least in a few people’s minds), but please share your thoughts here. Good and bad in relation to communities, community development and community vibe.
    clip_image001Jeff is business advisor, mentor and community engagement expert. He has spent most of his career in the Enterprise Content Management industry. He brings over 20 years of Channel Sales, Partner Marketing and Alliance expertise to audiences around the world in speaking engagements and via his writing. He has worked for Microsoft, Kodak, and K2.
    Tweet him @jshuey or connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ He is active in the Microsoft Partner Community and is the co-founder and President of the IAMCP Seattle chapter.

    He is a contributing author to
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    Wes Preston said…
    Don't forget some SharePoint Saturday events aren't listed on SPSEvents... Like the SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities (Minnesota) event that hosts 450-550 people twice a year. :) Our next event is on Oct. 29 as well. Submit to speak (through 8/19) become a sponsor, or some and join us as an attendee. More information here: http://www.spstc.com
    cbuck said…
    Thanks for the SPS Redmond shout out, Jeff! For those planning to attend, also add to your agenda the "SharePint" social event happening the Friday night before our event (Oct 28th) from 8-10pm at The Parlor in Lincoln Square in Bellevue. Rumor has it that Microsoft's Jeff Teper will be making an appearance...