Do you have a Knack for style?

imageIf you do … GREAT!

If you don’t … you now have a friend that can help.

Enter … The Knack Team.

Former Microsoftie and now CEO of a Seattle startup Laura Jennings had an idea. Source local products from the Pacific Northwest to make it more personal and easier to do personal and corporate gift giving.

imageThe Geekwire team did a better job than I have describing what they are up in their Startup Spotlight.

Pro Tip: Try out Knack this month and take 25% off on all purchases with this discount code: Shuey25



Please Note: I do NOT take a cut here. The Knack team was kind enough to extend this offer for people like myself that attended their recent kickoff event. So, please try Knack and buy a few gifts for your family, friends and colleagues




You’ve Got a Friend in Knack

I had the pleasure of being able to attend the launch of the Knack wine event. I knew Kirsten Andresen from my time with the Social Media Club and some of the events we worked on together. She is a PR professional thru and thru. If you know her you know what I mean.

I also met most of the Knack team. Deb Ryan, Reed and a few others that make the Knack magic happen. Laura has built a solid team.

imageOne of the coolest things that the Knack team does is the source things locally. I may be a little bit biased but one of their local sources happens to be Strideline. The company that makes customized socks.

I am also happy to say that Laura is also part of the Microsoft Alumni Network. If you are also a member you might see Laura and crew at the next Reunion with a Purpose. I’ll be there too along with a few hundred passionate, committed and very entrepreneurial former ‘softies like Laura.

Why Knack?

I like the cleverness and packaging of the way the Knack team is putting everything together (curating … if you must). The clear paint cans are cool and fun,


One thing I really liked was the College Care Packages. If you are like me … we have a kid in college. Wouldn’t it be cool to surprise them with a gift package every so often (monthly?) to really make their day?

Well, the Knack team has made this very easy. It’s quick, personable and customized just for your student (or grandkids of whatever).


It’s that easy.

When should you use Knack?

It's simple. Anytime you need to give a unique gift. And, especially one that's from the Pacific Northwest. Check out the website. See how creative you can be.

imageFind them in these places on the web and in the social sphere. Don’t be confused by other Knack’sters … look for Knack Shops.

I am being very intentional and specific here because I want you to check out Knack and see how cool the site is … AND help out the local vendors they have selected.

As a gift to you … I have been allowed to share a discount with you. And, it’s valid for the whole month of September … for as many purchases as you want to make.

Use the code:

To get 25% off any and all purchases you make before the end of September. (Thank you to the Knack team for making this available)

Getting in the Knack of Gifting

For your next corporate or personal gift … don’t knock it out of the park.

KNACK it outta the park!

Thanks again to Laura Jennings, Kirsten Andresen and the whole Knack team. I wish you all the success in the world and I think you’ve got a Knack for gift giving.


Image Credits: Knack, Geekwire

Image result for full disclosure Full Disclosure: I was slightly compensated for this post. A little food, wine and a sample gift box. But, even without those relatively modest “gifts” I was already a fan and supporter of my former Microsoft colleague and the company and team she has built.