Down to the Wire … One Day to Go

Are you a Microsoft employee?

Are you a Microsoft Alumni?

Do you have Friends and Family?

If you answered yes to the first two questions (I’m assuming you have #3 already)

You ARE Invited … It’s Friday, Oct 7th from 6-11pm. That’s TOMORROW!

UPDATE: Registration officially closed last night as the event is at capacity. Reach out for help.


All Microsoft employees, all Microsoft Alumni, and their Friends and Family are invited to the Reunion with a Purpose.

This was news to me!

Last week when talking with Molly Von Mitschke Collande (aka Molly VMC) she let me know about the open offer to ALL Microsoft employees and alumni.

Why Would You Want to Attend?

imageThere are lots more details at the RWAP site (that’s Reunion with a Purpose).

But the simple answer is … it’s a great place to connect, learn and grow within your community.

It’s also a great way to see old friends. And, perhaps even find a new job (if you or someone you know is looking) as there will be Microsoft and other recruiters there.

Giving Back --- One of the best things about the Microsoft community, both inside and outside, is the willingness to give back. Remember the Giving Trees in the lobby of every building?

I’m going to keep this short. Look for a follow on post from me about the benefits of being a Microsoft Alumni Network member. Trust me … it’s the best $99 you’ll spend all year.

But, before that … click here … register for the RWAP.

imageAnd, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll be shooting candid videos too. Look for me. I’ll be wearing (surprise) another Aloha shirt.

PS – Bonus Video: Rich Kaplan and I shot this last Friday.


image credits: Microsoft Alumni Network

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