Fun with Kindles --- Getting PDF’s on ‘em

If you have an Amazon Kindle device you may have already figured this out.

It’s all new to me. I just picked one up about a week ago.

If you just received one for Christmas or for Hanukkah this tip might help you.

Did you know you can …

Get PDF’s onto a Kindle in 3 Easy Steps


I’m learning tips and tricks almost every day. Feel free to share yours here. I’m eager to learn how to Hack My Kindle for Productivity.

Image result for medium logoThe latest is …

How to get a PDF onto the Kindle

Starting Here … in the App.

20161209_224058000_iOSThis one happens to be on Medium with a post by Steven Sinofsky on “Functional versus. Unit Organizations” – which is a great read by the way.

Thanks Steven for the challenge to do this. I figured it could be done, but as new owner of a Kindle and a relatively new iPhone user … I had to figure it out.

Mission Accomplished!

And, it was quite easy. Those Apple design kids are pretty clever.

It’s as simple and 1 – 2 – 3

  • Step 1 – Open in Safari (whatever app your are using)
  • Step 2 – Send to PDF (the orange icon)
  • Step 3 – Send email to your Kindle email (see below for this)
  • As a video - Kindle - How to add a PDF from iPhones in 3 steps 

    In Pictures …

    Step 1 – Click Arrow Up
    (may be on top or bottom)
    Open in Safari
    image 20161225_234454000_iOS
    Step 2 – Save to PDF
    Step 3 – Send to email  
    20161209_224202000_iOS image

    Know Your Kindle Email Alias

    You’ll Need to do this too! It only takes a moment. And, once it’s setup you won’t have to do anything else to send a non-stop stream of PDF’s to your Kindle.

    Pro Tip: It’s a lot easier on a PC, but it can be done on a phone if needed.

    How to find your Kindle email alias … start here for the instructions on the Amazon website. Summary: Go to Settings - Personal Document Settings – Send-to-Kindle Email Settings. Look for an alias with your user name and a “” extension.

    Pro Tip: Add all of your email aliases to your Amazon Kindle Devices (link) – If you use multiple email aliases you will want to do this. It allows you to send email from any of your authorized accounts (you can add colleagues if you like too).

    Pro Tip: Don’t worry about sharing your Kindle email address (accidentally or on purpose). Only authorized email aliases can send to your Kindle.

    What’s your best Kindle Tip, Trick of Hack?

    • Image result for amazon kindle logoI’m not looking for stuff that violates copyrights or other IP rights.
    • I’m just looking for interesting stuff to make a Kindle more useful.
    • Share them here so we can all learn.

    Kindles are amazing. I’m not sure why it took me so long to pick one up.

    Image Credits: Steven Sinofsky, Medium, Amazon


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