November 2016 Content & Community Wrap-Up

Taking a page from my friend and epic content creator Christian Buckley I am giving this Monthly Content Wrap-Up a try. I have also added a twist to this for Community Engagement. There are always a few things going on where I get to poke my head in and participate.

It looks like I posted 15 articles in November.

I hope you saw and read at least one of them. But, just in case … I have posted the links and the titles below for posts on the PBB, LinkedIn, and Prosky.

treasure-map (JPG)Most people know that I write a lot, but not everyone knows where I post my content. Although I’m proud of all the content I post I wanted to highlight a few places where I post content.

First off … every week you can find a new post on the Top Career Site for Millennials. You may have heard my session at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference last July where I spoke about Working With Millennials.

I have spent the last several years researching and working with Millennials and Gen Z’s to understand what they care about and how they will impact the workforce.

As part of this I have continued my research and writing for the The #1 Career Site for Millennials – The Personal Branding Blog.imageI have been writing for the Personal Branding Blog for 4 years. Which means there are 200+ blog posts out there from me talking about everything from Finding a Job to How to Succeed at a Trade Show.

In November I covered these topics:

  • What’s your Vector, Victor?

  • There is No Free Lunch

  • Job Hunting Through The Holidays

  • How to use POP on the Job

    .Take a look at all of my posts … you can scroll back as far as you like.

    But, like all great television infomercials … that’s not all. Read on!


    Should I cross post everything?

    This is a question that was asked by another friend in the SharePoint / Office 365 world. Dave Healey of Chrysalis BTS wondered why he wasn’t seeing some of my posts.

    Thank You Dave! Your question got to me to cross post more often. I’m still not perfect about it, but I’m better.

    Because of Dave I started cross posting more content to multiple locations. I hope at least one of them is hitting your feeds and is not being blocked out by your filters. Below I list some of the posts … sadly … not all have been cross posted.

    Tweetjams Are Still a Thing

    Tweetjam - 700x400I had the privilege and pleasure of doing a Tweetjam with the aforementioned Christian Buckley. I write about this here, but the gist is … Christian does the most important thing with Tweetjams.

    He knows it’s NOT all about him.

    He brings together an eclectic group of industry professionals. All of them have experience and opinions and they come together for this hour to share their thoughts. Read all about it in Tweetjams Done Right

    More November Stuff – The Community Engagement was Strong

  • SharePoint Saturday Redmond – Was able to attend as a civilian and it was great. I was able to see friends speak and hear how they are growing their business. Including Karuana Gatimu with Roberto Yglesias talking about Collaboration and Jared Shockley with David Leveille talking about Power Apps and Flow.
  • There was even a special visit from The Father of SharePoint … Mr. Jeff Teper during Jared and David’s session.
  • IAMCP Seattle Chapter meeting with Cash Elston talking about Intellectual Property Rights. If you are a Microsoft partner you should be looking towards your IAMCP chapter. There are 40 chapters across the USA and another 40 around the world.

    imageA new channel … I wrote a post for Prosky where I talked about: 

    Why are Soft Skills so Hard to Learn?

    Image result for linkedin logo



    On LinkedIn I posted

  • Cryptocurrency - Blockcimagehain, Bitcoin, and Beyond
  • What will you grow?
  • Perspective Matters - If You Are Looking
  • Closing is great, but ...
  • Beware the VPINO's ... They are Killers!
  • Is “Same” the new “+1”
  • When did we get it right?
  • Using resources at scale …

    What’s coming in December?

    There are a few things coming up this month. In addition to the holidays and some events with the IAMCP and the Microsoft Alumni Network I am also doing a webcast with AIIM on The Use of Automation in reducing paper.


    Watch this space for a few things below and a few others that will inevitably come up.

  • AIIM – Webinar with Theresa Resek and Parascript’s Greg Council
  • Image result for ibm logoKicking off the IBM Bleed Blue Community with Lillian Taylor 
  • IAMCP Mixer (Dec 15th)
  • New Blog and Podcast Series with Ryan Schouten on
    “The Department of Go!”
  • Rob Bogue – We are working on a few ideas … stay tuned.
  • TweetJam on Dec 28th – Predictions for 2017

    Most important this month … I’m looking to land my next big challenge.

    It could be with you!

    imageYes, as noted in my post on Entrepreneur I am taking my own advice and where I am looking for a new challenge … a new job.

    But, not just any job. I’m looking to leverage my technical experience (and engineering degree) with my 20 years of Business Development expertise. Along the way I have picked up quite a few marketing and social media skills. I can bring all of these to bear and I look forward to getting back to my roots of BizDev along with a deep appreciation and passion for bringing IoT, AI, VR and AR along with some deep thinking about Cryptocurrency to the forefront.

    In my post Job Hunting Through The Holidays

    I cover three critical groups of people that are active through the holidays.

    What Do You Think?

    I hope you appreciated this November Content and Community Wrap Up. If you think these are useful I will make an effort to get them done at the beginning of each month. What do you think? Useful?

    I hope to see you in my travels in the next few months and who knows … perhaps even get to work with you. Also, I look forward to your comments on these posts. If you see something you like … PLEASE share it. If you see something that wrankles you … PLEASE ping me. Let’s get a dialogue going.


    clip_image001Jeff is business advisor, mentor and community engagement expert. He has spent most of his career in the Enterprise Content Management industry. He brings over 20 years of Channel Sales, Partner Marketing and Alliance expertise to audiences around the world in speaking engagements and via his writing. He has worked for Microsoft, Kodak, and K2.

    Connect with me on Twitter @jshuey

    Or connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+

    I am a a contributing author to Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, Yahoo, US News and to the Personal Branding Blog


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