Tweetjams Done Right

This was originally posted to LinkedIn on 30 Nov 2016

If you have ever been looking for an example of how to do a Tweetjam the right way ...

Look no further than Christian Buckley.

That's him in the pic right next to his next Tweetjam - which is tomorrow. And, why I'm posting this tonight. So, you might have a chance to follow along or join in. (Hint: There is always a recap on Twubs that he posts out. So, if you miss it ... you can still get it.)

What's the best thing about his Tweetjams?

It's simple ... they are NOT all about him. He embraces the idea of crowd sourced thinking and idea sharing.

He invites a lot of people before the Tweetjam and he encourages others that are following along to join in.

If you have ever joined one of the CollabTalk Tweetjams you know the conversations can go sideways fast, but they always have a fun and informative feel to them.

Everyone gets a chance to chime in.

Everyone gets a chance to chime in and participate. Which is one of the added benefits of posting the question before hand.

If you want to join the next one ... click here

What sets him apart?

One thing for sure, but there are lots of others.

The one thing is ... He posts the questions beforehand.

Why is this important?

It allows people a chance to do a few things:

  1. Decide if they have an opinion on something
  2. Determine where they might want jump into the conversation
  3. Do a little research beforehand to make sure their 140 characters really count

For More Specifics on How to Do a Tweetjam Right

Read his blog post here that serves at the invitation to the Tweetjam here. In this post you will see

  • A framework for how to Engage in a Tweetjam. e.g. Using Q1 and A1 along with a hashtag so everyone can easily follow along
  • A list of the invited guests (yes, I am one of them)
  • A quick summary of what to expect

What if you missed it?

Not to worry. As mentioned above he always does a summary re-cap using a Tweetjam service called Twubs.

Why should you care?

Well, it's up to you if you want to care or not. I wanted to give this little shout out to Christian because I am always inspired by his energy, passion and drive to get people involved and working together. Even though there can be disagreements and sometimes things can get a bit testy. But, that's life. That's Collaboration.

Join us on # CollabTalk tomorrow

Share your thoughts or just follow along. I can guarantee a few smiles and that it will get you thinking. If not ... your next Tweetjam will be free.

Fun Fact: If you search for Tweetjam Images ... almost all of them are of Christian's Tweetjams over the past few years. Scroll down and you'll see even more.

Full Disclosure: I have known Christian for many years. We worked at Microsoft together and we co-founded (I like to say Re-Animated) the IAMCP Seattle chapter.

And, he is without a doubt the most prodigious writer, thinker and speaker I know.

Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter @buckleyplanet and watch (t)his space for some upcoming announcements related to #CollabTalk.


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