Membership has its Privileges

Another great meeting with the IAMCP Seattle chapter.

Thanks to Brandy Rhodes and Lorie Adolf for making the time to share their thoughts with the IAMCP Seattle community. We learned a lot and really appreciated your time and insights.

  • Brandy gave us tips and ideas for Personal Branding.
  • Microsoft’s Lorie Adolf shared the news (just announced that day) about the next generation of Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Membership has its Privileges – For some info … you had to be there.

If you aren’t a current IAMCP member … why not? Join us! The first meeting is free. The information and connections are priceless. If you are ready to join click here. If you’ve been to meetings before but stopped attending … come back! We want to hear from you and see you.

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imageA big thank you to Brandy Rhodes for sharing her tips. She is local to Seattle and is open to conversations. If you know her you already know she knows her stuff. If you don’t know her she is open to connecting on LinkedIn.

ICYMI – Here is the posting on LinkedIn


The Partner Business Opportunity is what Lorie shared … image

As noted above Microsoft’s Lorie Adolf shared information about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials plans. Here is her PPT deck. Some of the content was brand new and not captured in the decks yet. You’ll hear about this in the coming days. Those that were in attendance got to hear it first.

Membership has its privileges

ICYMI – Here is the posting on LinkedIn 

We also heard the latest from Microsoft's Lorie Adolf about Dynamics 365 Financials. Including some brand new, just announced today info.

Hint: Membership has its privileges.


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We hope to see you at the next Seattle IAMCP meeting. If you aren’t in Seattle look for the closest meeting to you. With over 80 chapters around the world there is likely a meeting happening near you. See IAMCP or IAMCP-US.

IAMCP Seattle - Pikes Place SignHere is the Seattle IAMCP schedule for the next 3 months (click on the date to register):

  • May 18th – Open to all. We have a guest speaker covering a timely topic.
  • June 15th – Special Guest Speaker from Microsoft. Microsoft’s Channel Chief Gavriella Schuster will be presenting in a run-up to the largest partner conference in the tech world … the Microsoft Inspire event. Note: Members will be given priority for registration. Hint: Join Us!
  • June 9-11 in DC – Everyone will be at the Microsoft Inspire event in Washington, DC. If you haven’t registered yet … do it soon. The event always sells out.

Membership has its Privileges

We hope to see you at the next IAMCP meeting.

If you want to see a bit more about the IAMCP and why you should join check out my post Would you pay $200 for a well qualified lead? and take a look at the website. Also, as mentioned above … if you have questions … ASK ME!

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