How Soon Should You Update Your LinkedIn Profile

This week I saw a friend from my Microsoft days has changed jobs. She took about 2 months to update her LinkedIn profile.

It got me thinking and flashing back to a post I wrote a while back about WHEN or HOW SOON you should update your LinkedIn Profile after changing jobs.

While there is no wrong answer I think there are a few points to consider.

You just started a new job. You are bursting at the seams.

You want EVERYONE to know. But … Are you wondering:

After starting a new job … How soon should you update your LinkedIn profile?

Of course … You are excited. You really want to tell everyone.

However, give yourself two weeks.

Yes, two weeks!

When you start a new job you definitely want to let the world know that you started and you want to share that news on LinkedIn. However, you will have a lot to do in the first two weeks in your new job.

Respect the job you took
( and your contacts on LinkedIn )

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