It's a Tilt the Tables week at Microsoft

Are you ready?

This morning a friend and colleague, Becky Thomas, from my time with Gimmal posted that Forrester positioned Microsoft above Salesforce in the CRM category (link). This is a momentous shift. Salesforce ... has traditionally held this position.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Another Momentous Shift

Also, this week Microsoft will be re-shuffling their organization. This isn't a surprise and it's been telegraphed for a while. It remains to be seen who specifically will be impacted, but the sales org is rumored to be hit the most directly.

For my friends at Microsoft ... I hope the day after the 4th of July doesn't give you any job freedom you may not be expecting.


It's That Time!

Keep your eye on the ball! It's going to be moving around A LOT this week and in the coming weeks. Watch this space.

My last post along these lines was 2-1/2 years ago ... when Windows 10 was launching. I wrote Why I’m Riding the Windows 10 Wave and pointed out the changes coming and why partners should attend the Microsoft Inspire event (nee Worldwide Partner Conference). Those points still hold true.

Microsoft Inspire is where Partners Meet Opportunity.

  • The Next Tidal Wave 20 years ago Bill Gates wrote his famous Jump on the Internet Tidal Wave email … ushering in a era for Microsoft. It was a Bet the Business decision. It truly tilted the tables.
  • Platforms and Productivity This is the The New Era for Microsoft. Under Satya’s watch I see this, and it seems so does the market, as the next Bet the Business decision.
  • The New MPN (just revamped for 2017) This week we saw the launch of the New Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) site. If you haven’t seen it yet … now is the time.


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