Microsoft is getting social again

It's nice to see MSFT getting social again

Getting social engagement right is hard.

Microsoft has gone through a few iterations over the years.

Getting it right at Ignite (click2tweet)

I'm glad to see MSFT is putting the people back in the mix.

The Official Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter lineup!!!

Alistair Pugin, Christian Buckley, Darrell Webster,Laura Derbes Rogers, Dux Raymond Sy and Susan Hanley and a few others I don’t know (yet).

Updated: I’m adding the other four MVP’s I didn’t know: Cathrine Wilhelmsen, Harjit Dhaliwal, Magnus MÃ¥rtensson, Tom Arbuthnot
As I posted on Facebook - Very cool MSFT is doing this. Glad to see I know most of the "reporters" too. Kick butt and Ignite some awesome conversations!
Getting the People Involved
The whole idea behind social is to get the community engaged. By getting the people that are active and followed and have something to say in the mix is the right way to do it.

I believe Microsoft is on the right path here.

Gen Y and Gen Z are great and should not be ignored. Because they are the future.

However, the people that have built the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem into what it is today should be part of the mix and part of the equation to help smooth the path. This is why I like the idea of Ignite Reporters. It shows Microsoft is getting it … again. By engaging MVP’s to “report” on the goings on at the Ignite event Microsoft is on the right path.

Microsoft Events are a Great Start

At Microsoft Inspire, Ignite and Build there should be efforts to engage Millennials and Gen Z's. And, we are seeing that. But, it's not enough.

They are the future. Ignore them at your peril.

But, don't Ignore those that got you here.

The old saying rings true …
Dance with the one who brung ya!

Thank you Microsoft for getting it, again.

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Boomers and Gen Y … aka Millennials can and should be encouraged to work together. In fact, this is the special sauce Microsoft brings to the equation.

The Ignite Reporters are a great example of this. They bring three things to the table:
  • They know a lot about Microsoft products and technologies
  • They are well versed in the Microsoft partner ecosystem
  • The know how to work with customers (current Microsoft customers and other platforms and technologies too)
This is my simple message to Microsoft about the people that have bet their careers on the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem.
Don’t ignore them … Engage them! 
SME’s are Microsoft’s Secret Weapon (click2tweet
Where SME = Subject Matter Expert 
As I mentioned on Facebook in my note to the “Reporters” …

Kick butt and Ignite some awesome conversations!

It's nice to see MSFT getting social again.
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