Back in the Saddle Again

Sub-Titled: Forgive me for it has been 6 weeks since my last Obsession

For those of you that know that know me --- you know I am an avid mountain bike rider. For those that have been keeping track on Twitter or Facebook or on this blog you may recall that I separated my shoulder last December. True, it was my fault as I was riding in the snow and ran into a tree. Or as I like to say I was hugging a tree and it hugged back.

Yesterday was my first day back on the bike after a six week hiatus. I’d been itching to get back on the bike, but I was wondering how my shoulder would handle the bumps, roots, and ruts. It was a perfect day for riding in the Pacific Northwest – the sun was out and it was about 40F (That’s 4C for my international friends).

What was I thinking before the ride?

As my first ride of 2009 I had to make sure I wore what a friend

labeled as “my inappropriate” socks and my hideous fluorescent orange jersey. Because you never know who you are going meet on the trails.

As it turned out I ran into my good friend and kick butt mountain biker Arnie Mondloch on the trails. Arnie and I rode the Sun Top trail last Fall. Don’t let Arnie fool you with his casual demeanor - He is one fast dude. Especially on his new Specialized Stumpjumper. Get yours at Pacific Bicycle in Sammamish.

In case you were wondering what tree I decided to hug in December --- this is it. I hold no grudges and I hope to see this tree for many more years.

Did I hit here or here?

This is just one of the reasons we ride in the Pacific Northwest.

Ride2009 055

I survived the ride and had a great time getting out for a few hours of bliss. My shoulder was fine and I can’t wait until tomorrow for my next ride. I’m Back in the Saddle, Again!

My offer to you: If you ever make it to the Seattle area and want to ride please let me know. I ride year round (barring injuries) and despite my injury riding in the snow in December some of the best rides ever have been in the snow. Quite a few friends from other parts of the world have taken me up on this offer. I think the farthest distance travelled was 10,000 miles when a friend from South Africa rode with us --- he even did a night ride. Just bring your riding gear – helmet, clothes, shoes and pedals. I’ll hook you up with a bike. If you need inappropriate socks I can help (check Cannondale’s web site) – I also have the matching jersey.

I’m always up for a good story about Mountain Bike Riding. If you’ve got one I’d love to hear it. I’m also always up for riding new areas. I’ve been lucky enough to ride in South Africa, Australia, Mexico, and many parts of the US. My favorite trails continue to be the ones that are right in my backyard. Maybe it’s proximity or familiarity, but I think it’s just because they are close to home and easy to get to when I need a few minutes of “trail time.” What’s your favorite trail and why?

I hope to see you on the trails soon. Good Riding!

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chrisg said…
I am not sure i could ever keep up with you on a bike ride. I may never make it back
Fabio said…
Great to see you are keeping active Jeff!