The Beav does NOT need your help‏

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I am an avid Mountain Bike rider. To get a feel for my passion towards Mtn Biking take a look at my blog post about my first ride of 2009 - Back in the Saddle Again.

I am fortunate enough to live very close to some great riding. The area where I ride goes by several names – including The Beav, Section 36, and Soaring Eagle Park. There are 15+miles of trails in this park and they are open to hiking, biking, and horseback riding. We all co-exist and get along by sharing the trails.

Lately someone has taken it upon themselves to make the trails significantly less fun. Normally I would not care if someone wants to work on the trails, but in the last few days they have destroyed some of the best parts of a trail that used to have a few fun and completely rideable / makeable hazards.

Ride the Hazards

Hazards are roots, rocks, bumps, tree stumps, mud holes, and generally anything that requires a rider to use their technical skills. Hazards ARE fun! It part of the reason we ride.

My basic philosophy is:
If you cannot Ride the Hazards … Walk Around Them.

DO NOT REMOVE THEM. In the last two weeks some overzealous individual has taken it upon themselves to remove roots and logs on the trails at The Beav. This is a travesty and should be stopped. To remove them just because one person thinks they should be removed is selfish and should be discouraged. I’m sure in their mind they think they are improving the park and the riding experience. I can tell you from my personal experience – you are ruining it. Please stop!

Example of Hazards – The Good Kind.

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Examples of The Damage being Done

View Examples of the Damage Being Done - PLEASE STOP!

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If this is you --- please STOP! The Beav does NOT need your kind of help.  If you have an overwhelming urge to work on trails --- call the WTA or the IMBA or the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. They can always use help and they actually know how to build trails that are fun and safe.

If you need the need to build bypasses across muddy areas – knock yourself out. At a minimum leave some of the hazards for those that WANT to ride them. My personal recommendation is to go find something else to do. Leave the trails at The Beav alone.

View Bypass and Half-A-Hazard

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I cannot say it enough. 

If this is you --- please STOP!

The Beav does NOT need your kind of help.


Anonymous said…
I 100% agree Jeff! I was really pissed when I saw that someone had cut through some of the most challenging parts of the new trail. Eric and I tried to make it right by putting the logs back in place, but ended up making a makeshift logpile next to one of the cut through logs.

Unfortunately, I doubt that the person that did this reads your blog; I suspect that the culprits are the horseback riders...