The Beav appreciates your TLC

THANK YOU! The Beav is getting more fun to ride again. Thanks to an anonymous trail repair crew efforts have been taken to restore the logs that were cut a few weeks ago. Documented in my rant blog post The Beav does NOT need your help‏.

If this is you - thank you! Thank you for realizing that their are those that enjoy Riding the Hazards - myself included. My motto is " If you can't ride 'em - walk 'em"

That was how this blog started.

Yesterday – I was lucky enough to get out for a quick ride and wanted to take a few pics to add to this blog post about the effort the anonymous trail builders made to restore the trail. Well, as I approached the restored sections I knew something was amiss because there were additional areas that had been cut.

Get a LIFE! If you are the jack hole that ruined the trails for a SECOND TIME. Not only did you ruin the original natural trail hazards by cutting them with your chainsaw now you have taken the extra effort to throw all of the logs that YOU cut down the hill and far enough away that people will not likely take the time or effort to rebuild they hazards that YOU destroyed.

If this is you --- please STOP!
The Beav does NOT need your kind of TLC

In case you missed or have not read my previous blog post:
I am fortunate enough to live very close to some great riding. The area where I ride goes by several names – including The Beav, Section 36, and Soaring Eagle Park. There are 15+miles of trails in this park and they are open to hiking, biking, and horseback riding. We all co-exist and get along by sharing the trails.

Ride the Hazards (see pics on this blog post)

If you cannot Ride the Hazards … Walk Around Them


If this is you --- please STOP! The Beav does NOT need your kind of TLC.  If you have an overwhelming urge to work on trails --- call the WTA or the IMBA or the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. They can always use help and they actually know how to build trails that are fun and safe.

I cannot say it enough. 

If this is you --- please STOP!

The Beav does NOT need your kind of TLC


Jeff Shuey said…
No one wants to ride on trails that are so smooth you could push a wheelchair or a triple-wide stroller thru them. If this is what you want and you live in Seattle -- go seek out the Burke-Gilman trail.