Ellie at 7 (months)

As the owner of a new puppy I have been trying to keep a running set of pictures of her. My goal is take a few pictures of her on or about the first of the month. This is the March 2009 set. Ellie is now seven months old.

March1 013If it’s true that dogs age about 7 times faster than humans it means that Ellie is 49 months old or just over 4 years old. She definitely acts like a 4 year old which makes my wife and I laugh when we flash back to when our kids were that age. Rambunctious, impetuous, and always wanting to play. She loves people and other dogs. Enjoy the Ellie at 7 months pictures.

Ellie found a tree – she was dragging it around

Ellie loves sticks

Ellie and Ginger – A 2-1/2 year old golden retriever (red leash). They could be related – they look very similar.

If you want to see the changes from last month here is Ellie at 6 (months). Also, if you missed the story of how Ellie came into our lives take a look here --- hint: she’s helping to find a cure for cancer. If you want to see all the stories about Ellie on my blog search for “Ellie” – and yes I write much more about Ellie than our kids. There is a reason for that --- Ellie can’t type.

Thanks for looking. See you next month.