Who says SharePoint People can’t have a little fun

image Even though SharePoint is focused on businesses it’s great to see that the SharePoint Community is having fun. Notably the SharePint crew.

imageI saw a tweet from Andrew Woody (@AndrewWoody) to Joel Oleson (@joeloleson) this morning about logos for the group called SharePint. This is a group of SharePoint experts and people that are learning more about SharePoint that want to get together for informal Tweetups / Meetups in various cities around the globe. I thought it was a great idea and felt compelled to write this blog post.


I first heard about SharePint from a tweet by Erica Toelle. I thought it was a typo. Little did I know there was a whole SharePoint sub-culture. There is even a SharePint on Twitter

If you want to follow a few of the Rock Stars of SharePoint take a look at a few of the following people on Twitter and also check out their blogs. With 20,000 SharePoint Servers and 100 million SharePoint seats (aka users) there is no lack of very talented people out there building solutions for SharePoint. A point I highlighted a few days ago in my blog post What CAN’T SharePoint do?

Check these guys out on Twitter and on their blogs too:

I hope to see you at one of the SharePint meetups soon.

SharePint Graphics by Sam Dolan
@pinkpetrol on Twitter

He specializes in SharePoint Designs


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pinkpetrol.com said…
Hey, thanks for the mention. I really appreciate it. Thanks again!
Erica Toelle said…
Great post and thanks for the mention! You're our favorite ECM industry expert!