Ellie at 8 (months)

Ellie April 006This months blog post is a little late. I try to post this at the beginning of each month. Well, I got sidetracked by real work stuff and I’m just getting this posted  now. The pictures and videos were all taken around the first of the month. The next round of pics will be coming in a few days. I’m thinking of a baseball theme for May.

Ellie continues to be a great puppy. Smart, Friendly, and always wanting to be around people. If you ever see us walking around Sammamish come over and say hi. She’d love to meet you.

What did Ellie learn last Month?

She learned to swim. She always loved the water, but this month she actually took the BIG PLUNGE. She used to go in and play, but this month when her ball went out a little farther than expected the next sound I heard was a big splash.

Swim – Ellie – Swim

Post Swim – Sit Ellie Sit

Ellie April 074 Ellie April 073

The Ellie Roll 
This IS how you can tell when your puppy is happy?

Ellie – Pre, During, & Post roll

Ellie - Proud ball holder Ellie April 097

If you want to see the changes from last month here is Ellie at 7 (months). Also, if you missed the story of how Ellie came into our lives take a look here --- hint: she’s helping to find a cure for cancer. If you want to see all the stories about Ellie on my blog search for “Ellie” – and yes I write much more about Ellie than our kids. There is a reason for that --- Ellie can’t type.

Thanks for looking. See you next month.



Grisha Stewart said…
I can't help but grin when I see a dog rolling on her back like Ellie. My dog, Peanut, rolled in the grass yesterday to cool himself off in the Seattle spring sun. They look so pleased with themselves! I love how much you clearly love your dog.
kirstenwright said…

I love your posts about Ellie, I get to live vicariously through your experiences with her (we can't get a dog yet, not enough time to spend with one). Her jump in the water was impressive, you may have a career ahead for her ;). It's amazing how quick they grow up!
Daryn Brandt said…
Jeff, I love getting your updates on Ellie! She is a beautiful Golden... and they are so good with kids. It was great to see Val and Rachel Sunday! Rachel is such a cutie!!!