Ellie at 9 (months)

We’ve had Ellie for 7 months now. She weighs 65 pounds. She loves her food. (see video)

She is for the most part trained and the continues to be a great puppy. She can sit and she can stay. We are still working on jumping up. However, there is NOTHING like that unbridled enthusiasm that she shows when we walk in the door.  Especially when I walk in the door.

What did Ellie learn last month?

7_May 101 She can go out and pick up the newspaper and bring it back. She learned that birds are sneaky – geese, crows, and especially eagles. She learned that she does not like to ride in the car. And she learned that she loves all the attention she gets when we take her (in the car) to the local baseball field. She is learning that the car ride is not that bad and even jumped in on her own last weekend when I was cleaning my car.

The Eagle has Landed – Sort of

Something very odd happened this month. I was throwing a tennis ball (with the help of my friendly Chuckit) and on the second throw an eagle swooped down and snatched up the ball and flew away. Leaving both Ellie and I standing their with our mouths agape – looking like a couple of mouth breathing troglodytes.

Another Things Ellie Learned & Unlearned Last Month

Ellie also learned about digging. She had never done this before and while she stills seems interested in digging she has not dug for several weeks now. Below are the pics of where she dug in the back yard --- the look on her face when we brought her inside says it all. She is a very smart and empathetic puppy.

If you want to see the changes from last month here is Ellie at 8 (months). Also, if you missed the story of how Ellie came into our lives take a look here --- hint: she’s helping to find a cure for cancer. If you want to see all the stories about Ellie on my blog search for “Ellie” – and yes I write much more about Ellie than our kids. There is a reason for that --- Ellie can’t type.

Thanks for looking. See you next month.