Breaking into the Fourth Pillar – ECM Storage

The other day I picked up a copy of SD Times and came across IMG01216 this advertisement.

While you might think – so what --- I was stoked. You see this is my friends company and I had no idea they were advertising.

As I’ve written about before I see the ECM market as being broken up into Four Pillars – Capture, Document Management, Workflow, and Storage. BlueThread is a company that’s making an impact on the front end (Pillars One, Two, and Three) with their SmartDesk offering and now with StoragePoint they are showing how Microsoft’s SharePoint can be used to handle large files – affectionately known as BLOB’s.

BlueThread, SharePoint, and BLOB’s

By managing BLOB’s and other large chunks of data – which includes scanned documents (Pillar One), video and audio recordings, even large PST files fit the category.

BlueThread - Lose The Blob I like the tag line --- Lose the BLOB … Keep the Muscle. For anyone that has been in the Document Capture business for a while knows this is an ever present challenge.

I think BlueThread is on the right track and will be able to help a lot of companies that have struggled to use SharePoint to manage large files in a predictable, consistent and repeatable manner.


Other than the large traditional Big Iron data storage providers I have not seen other companies going after this SharePoint specific BLOB storage and management market. I think BlueThread has a jump on the market.

What about you? Have you seen other companies going after this market? If yes, please comment below or contact me via e-mail.

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