Ellie at 13 (months)

imageEllie is beyond puppyhood --- I guess. Now that she’s 13 months old --- which is something like 7 years old in ‘dog years’ – if you believe that measurement. For those that have been following these blog posts about Ellie you know that she came into our lives at the Chris Elliott Fund auction last October. 

The next auction is coming up in a few weeks --- October 2nd. If you are already attending – Good on ya!  imageIf you are not attending the auction & dinner or the golf event there are still tickets available. Click for details of the Gray Ribbon Gala & Golf Tournament – see Events.

What has Ellie learned this month?

  • My Four Legged Alarm Clock
  • Football Season
  • Helping to Find a Cure

Are you Awake?

We took a trip down to Manzanita Beach in August and made a conscious decision not to bring Ellie’s crate. She has been crate trained from the time we took her home last October. We thought this would be a good chance to see how she did with just her sleeping pad. As expected she did great. The only difference is that now when she wakes up at 5 or 6 am she wants to know if her master is awake too. Guess who her master is? Yep, it’s me.

She only comes to my side of the bed then sniffs, snorts and whimpers a little. Usually enough to get my attention. When that’s not enough she puts her front paws up and then puts her face right in mine and seems to be asking … Are You Awake?

Ellie’s Sophomore Year

Ellie (Oct 18 2008 - football game)We took Ellie home in October 2008. Right in the middle of football season. She attended her first Youth Football game that same week at Redmond High School. She ran around, played in the grass and had a great time just being outdoors. That puppy spirit is still with her. She loves to go for walks, runs, and pretty much anywhere we go whether it’s in the car, on foot, or on a bike trail.

Ellie is helping to Find a Cure for Cancer

imageWell, at least indirectly. Last October we attended the Gray Ribbon Gala event which is the annual fund raising event for the Chris Elliott Fund. This is where we first saw Ellie and knew she was the puppy we had been looking for and that the money we paid would be going to help a great and noble cause. 

imageThe Chris Elliott Fund raises money to help End Brain Cancer. Glioblastoma is the disease that took Chris Elliott from his family and friends and also claimed the life of Senator Ted Kennedy and too many others. Hopefully we will see you at the auction this year. If you cannot make it yet are able to make a charitable donation please click on the Donate Now – CEF.

Thanks for reading about Ellie and all of her trials and tribulations. She is a great dog and our whole family is really happy we have her in our lives. Going forward I don’t know if I will keep writing these posts monthly. If you want me to keep doing these --- drop a comment here. I do read them. If you missed any of the stories about Ellie – catch up here.

This is Ellie the first week we brought her home