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I’ve seen a few great book recommendations on Twitter and Facebook lately. I have tweeted out a few replies, but thought I’d take the time to write up a quick blog post on a few of my favorites business books. Of course, there are countless books being written all the time. In fact I’m working on one too (aren’t we all?). The books listed below have helped shape the way I think about business and they still do. If these are your favorites too I commend you. If not, feel free to share your favorites in the comments or here.

A Few of my Favorite Reads

Jungle Rules
by John Imlay

This was before my time in the software industry, but it sure seems like it was a fun time for all. Some of the antics and tactics employed are classic.

This is book can be hard to find. It’s sometimes listed as out of print. If you can’t find a copy send me a note – I’ll share mine and we can pass it around.
Sacred Cows make the Best Burgers
by Robert Kriegel

My favorite line from this book is “Don’t Pave the Cow Paths” which as an engineer and as someone involved in the ECM and BPM industries for 20+ years it resonates very nicely.

The Circle of Innovation
by Tom Peters

Tom has a lot of books and content out there and I had a hard time picking just one. To me the best thing from Tom is seeing him present live. I have been fortunate enough to see him twice. He brings it! No matter what you might think about his content he delivers it with a passion and forces you to think.

Crossing the Chasm
by Geoffrey Moore

I have also been fortunate enough to see Geoffrey present live. I was working for FileNet (now owned by IBM) and this was just about the time “Crossing the Chasm” was coming out. He was a relative unknown. He gave a great presentation and continues to deliver with his follow-on books – Inside the Tornado, The Gorilla Game, Dealing with Darwin, et al.

image The Essential Drucker
by Peter F. Drucker

Again, I was fortunate enough to get to see Peter Drucker do a live Q&A. He was in his 80’s yet still on top of his game. His insights from 30+ years ago are still being applied today and have arguably helped form the foundation for many successful companies and industries.

What about the New Stuff?

You may notice that all of these are “older” books. This is not to imply that some of the newer books that have come out in the last few years are bad. It’s just that these books have held their place in my head and on my bookshelf as “reference” books for a few years.

What are your Favorite Business Books and Why?

Care to share? I created a list here. Feel free to add your favorites.


Help Get kids involved with reading. Whether it’s a comic book, a newspaper, or even a business book getting kids involved early pays huge dividends.



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Becky said…
Thanks for the list of books.. I will have to check them out. Just in case you didn't already know, Kenneth Eisold has come out with a great book titled, What You Don’t Know You Know: Our Hidden Motives in Life, Business, and Everything Else." It is truly an eye opening book.
cbuck said…
Some of my favorites: All Marketers Are Liars and Purple Cow, by Seth Godin. Blink and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. The Long Tail and Free, by Chris Anderson. First Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham (must read). The Goal by Eli Goldratt. Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations by Kerry Patterson. In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters.
Pam Hoelzle said…
I loved Business Model Generation and Good to Great was definitely above average...Blink and Outliers were both excellent. I enjoyed Tribes by Seth Godin. Servant Leadership was an excellent read. Who Moved My Cheese was thought provoking. But truly transformational - hmmm I don't know if that book is in the business section:-)