Google Wave – First Impressions

image After finally getting a chance to test out some of the features in Google Wave with @Taylor_Tweets and @LianaWS I have a few observations. The main thing I noticed is that it’s fun to use and has a lot of potential to redefine the way we communicate by adding a real-time element.

I’ll admit I have not read some of the manuals that have been produced. This is by design and perhaps by my penchant for not reading manuals. To me --- An app needs to be simple to figure out if it is ever to gain widespread adoption.

One thing I did learn (thanks to Taylor’s suggestion) was that Google’s Chrome browser unlocks some of the power of Google Wave. For example, drag and drop for pictures works really well with Chrome and not at all with Firefox.

A Few Things I’d like to See (or learn how to do):

  • Finding People – For widespread success I think there needs to be a way to find & add people quickly. The search across my Google Contacts is not enough. Mainly because most of my Google contacts don’t seem to be on Google Wave. I’m guessing this will be remedied when G-Wave goes out to the world.
  • Removing People – There needs to be a better way to remove someone from a wave. If I accidentally drag or click the wrong contact there seems to be no way to remove them. Note: there is an option labeled “Remove<username>” but it is grayed out.
  • Public Wave – I’ve heard about this, but cannot figure out how to do it. I want to start a Wave that anyone can join to add comments, pictures, to be social. Is this possible?
  • Color Coding Text – I like the way you can see what everyone is typing in real time (even though my typing is atrocious), but I don’t like that everyone’s text is the same color. It would be easier to follow --- especially if going back to review a blip to see what I typed vs. what others have typed in different colors. Or at least make this an option.
  • Notification – This is biggest factor right now. It would be nice to know when there is a new Wave, Wavelet, or Blip that requires my attention. Or at least provide an option for an audible and/or visible signal. Think Google IM or e-mail with an audible notification and/or toast that pops up.

So there it is. Maybe it’s more of a wish list or a list for the Google Wave product management team.

What do you think about Google Wave:

  • What have you seen?
  • What would you like to see?
  • What would you change?

Let’s Wave at Each Other

I’m looking to do more testing. If you are interested in showing & telling & learning more about Google Wave please add me to your Wave Contacts. I am

imageIf you need a wave invite let me know. I still have a few to give. You can find me on Twitter (@jshuey) or use the contact info below.

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