Will the REAL Cloud please stand up

imageYour data might be at risk.

Risk might be too strong of word.


Maybe a better description is:
Your data may be very easy to expose with a relatively easily obtained subpoena.

The question is …

Can data stored in the cloud be viewed with a subpoena?

It seems the answer is yes. A coalition has been formed to address the legal definition of “The Cloud” and the gray areas that may affect every business and every individual.

Good News … Someone is standing up for you … for us


I’m glad to see Microsoft, Google, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the ACLU and others looking into this and taking action to more clearly define content rights. However, in the interim it leaves some questions and gaps.

What does this mean to corporate content?

What does this mean to the information that your business relies upon to keep the business running and to maintain a competitive advantage? This information is typically managed within your Enterprise Content Management (ECM), your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and other “corporate content” management systems.

Some Risks to think about:

  • Could someone get a subpoena for the data in Salesforce.com?
  • Is it possible your trade secrets are at risk?
  • Could a competitor gain access to your customer list?

Will the REAL Cloud please stand up

I’m glad this consortium has been formed to address this issue.

What do you think?

Source: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/businesstechnology/2011483055_netprivacy31.html?syndication=rss

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Peter said…
This a major issue for me. I love the accessibility and ease of collaboration of the data being in the cloud but the data privacy issues are a huge concern.

I've been looking at cloud based databases recently, but, the thought of having that data compromised is a bit unnerving.

I'm definitely glad taht there's a consortium to address this, but, is that enough and will how long before decisions will be made?
Jeff Shuey said…
Thanks for the comment. I don't know the answer with regard to timing, but my guess is that it will take some time. The good news is ... they have started the process.

I think it might be a bit of fear mongering, but I'm glad it's being recognized. The reality is ... there are people (and companies) sniffing the data that is coursing across the internet. In many cases we (the consumer and the corporation) have given them permission to "analyze" the data that we send and receive.

I'm not making a judgment on this, but the fact remains that the internet is a big pipe that can be tapped into --- if you have the right tools. Even if that tool is a subpoena.