Do you need to know how to call BS on a Social Media Guru?

imageIf part of your job requires you to use, understand and leverage Social Media please consider attending this event tomorrow (Tuesday at 6pm in Seattle).

The speaker is Scott Berkun - a former Microsoft employee, author and lecturer. The topic is:

"How to call BS on a Social Media "Guru"

This is the best $15 you can spend to connect with local contacts in the Seattle Social Media community across many different industries and interests. Also to learn more about Social Media in general (if you are new to it) and I'll bet you will run into at least a few people you know.

You'll get a few drink tickets (use 'em or share 'em), you'll get to hear a great speaker and who knows you might find that next employee or contact to help your company engage the Social Media Community.

Details are at this link:

image Come to the @SMCSeattle event on Tuesday to learn more. Call me or e-mail me if you have questions. If you are in town - please stop on by and say hello.

I hope to see you on Tuesday.

Full Disclosure --- I am on the board of the Social Media Club Seattle. I manage sponsorships. If you are looking to engage the Seattle Social Media community please contact me about sponsorship opportunities.

M: +1 425 610 9283 (WAVE)

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