Applies to Art, Ideas and People

SNAGHTML486b3bfIn a Gnomedex session with Scott Draves – the creator of Electric Sheep - he said something about art that really caught my ear.

He said Art should be "Something that earns your attention ... rather than grabs your attention"

image I couldn’t agree more and I think it goes beyond art. I think it also applies to Ideas and People too.

What do you think?

  • What art, ideas and people GRAB your attention?
  • What art, ideas and people EARNS your attention?
  • Do you lose interest in one before the other?

imageThanks to Chris Pirillo and the incredible Gnomedex crew for bringing such a diverse and talented group of people – attendees and speakers - together for Gnomedex 10. Although Chris says this will be the last Gnomedex --- after 10 incredible years --- I think the community has other plans.

Image Credits: Scott Draves, Gnomedex

Note: All screen grabs were captured SnagIt.

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Wow Jeff, a very difficult question to answer, but I'll take a stab at it. I think that something that grabs your attention tends to be more flashy and has less long-term impact than something that earns your attention. But as for examples...not exactly sure if I can put my finger on one!
Jeff Shuey said…
Thanks for the comment Forrest --- I think there are numerous daily examples of "GRABS" for my attention. For example, the latest foibles of the current pop stars (think Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashian's as a whole). For the most part I assume it must be a very slow news day when they need to resort to front page / lead-off "news" with these characters --- and I mean character in the literal sense.

Things that deserve and earn my attention can be very transitory and temporary. For example, last night @carissang tweeted that the moon was full and the temp was just right. I took a stroll outside and she was right. That both earned and deserved my attention. Who gets credit for this? I don't know. Maybe that's on the the subtle criterion for "Earned vs. Grabbed Attention" --- no one needs to get or take credit.

Another recent example --- is the Obooma T-Shirts that benefit the Moyer Foundation link: this caught my attention and earned it because not only was it timely, but it had broad public awareness and the crew at Nology (lead by Leigh Fatzinger @lfatzinger) were smart enough to capitalize on it and also very smart to donate the proceeds to a worthy charity. Earned!