Nexus 2010 – A Great Event and a Bold Announcement

Last week I attended the Nexus ‘10 (#nexusecm) event at the Meydenbauer Center. This is the ImageSource annual event for their customers and partners. This was the second time I was able to attend and I plan on going back next year.

Pre-Func Action

The pre-event night was at Bellevue’s Twisted Cork. It was great to catch up with some of the folks from ImageSource, some partners and customers and a few of my Kodak colleagues.

For an incredible stream of pictures take a look at the ImageSource Facebook site. Victor, ImageSource CFO is also an incredible photographer. (I will post the link when I find it)

Day 1 – Off with a Bang

imageI’ve gotta say the marketing team at ImageSource is incredible. They started off with a Mission Impossible theme to “Ignite” your business. This theme was carried through the whole event and it really resonated with me.  

Is your System of Engagement in place?

Day 1 kicked off with an insightful and funny keynote by AIIM’s President John Mancini (@jmancini77). As usual John gets people thinking. He spoke about a task force AIIM and a group of industry leading firms (full disclosure – my company is on the task force) and Geoffrey Moore (Author of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado) are leading to think about the next 20 years of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry.

Here is the link to his presentation:

System of Engagement –> System of Recordimage

SharePoint – What’s New and What’s Possible

This was the title of my session. I was really happy to see a standing room only audience. The presentation is below and can be found on slideshare here. The presentation highlights 10 Nuggets that SharePoint 2010 offers and 5 things SharePoint 2010 doesn’t deliver. Missing these points is not an indictment against SharePoint – It’s an opportunity for Partners.


Request: As you look thought the presentation please let me know if you have any questions. My contact info is in the presentation and below.

Day 2 – NASA Stories and Fish Tales

nexus - James brown - five strategies for change The second day of Nexus ‘10 kicked off with a keynote by Dr. James T. Brown – Author and  former NASA engineer (truly a rocket scientist). Dr. Brown spoke about Change Management and tied it together nicely with his opening slide that spoke about the skills required for fishing and how they change from region to region.

Great Agenda – A Nice Compliment to the Great Keynotes

image The ImageSource team assembled a solid agenda. They had several great customer testimonial videos. I think everyone that attended was able to get a view of how ImageSource and the partners in attendance solve business challenges with a mix of technical detail. The mix was just right.

To cap it off … Image Source made a BIG and BOLD announcement.

Be Bold or Be Dead

I give the ImageSource team a lot of credit for making a tough decision. Bringing out a Tablet PC for Business Users is gutsy and I hope that being first (or at least one of the first) pays off. It’s not easy to launch a new product – especially in a market as competitive at the Tablet PC market.

Shad White (@shadrachwhite) – ImageSource CTO made the bold statement that “It’s Everything the iPad isn’t” --- More details are available here and in this post by William Higgins (wahiggins3)


Kudos to the ImageSource Team

To the ladies (pictured below) and the technical teams as well as the execs to pull together and create a great event.

imageI would be remiss in my summary of Nexus if I didn’t mention Ruben Kerson (@rubenkersonIS). He was a great emcee for the event and did an incredibly imagefunny “Man on the Street” video where he asked people about terms we use every day in the Enterprise Content Management industry. Hopefully, the ImageSource team will post the video and hopefully they won’t lose Ruben to The Daily Show <G>

Wrapping up

If you attended the ImageSource Nexus event and have a write up or pictures and videos (especially if they were filmed with Kodak cameras) please share them here in the comments. I’m sure the ImageSource team would love to see them too … and to see you back at the next Nexus event. I know I’ll be there!

image credits: ImageSource

clip_image002About The Author:
I have spent the better part of the last 20 years working in various aspects of the ECM industry. I am currently with Kodak as a Director of Business Development. In my past I have spent time at
Kofax, Microsoft, FileNet, K2, and at Captaris (which was acquired by Open Text in Nov 2008). Prior to that I was a Unix VAR running my own company. Follow me on Twitter, check my blog, send email or find me on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Shadrach White said…
Jeff, first thanks to you for helping promote Nexus as an informative and educational tech conference. It would be great to get Microsoft to come on board as a serious sponsor. That would help us justify expanding the SharePoint topic.

Kodak really helped make this event first class, we appreciate that kind of partnership.

The Videos you mentioned can be found on the ImageSource YouTube channel.

asenzamici said…
Could not agree more with Jeff's comments about the ImageSource marketing team. They are simply fantatsic! Year after year the Nexus event gets better and better. This year's event was exceptional.

The pre-conference trainings were very well attended and well worth attending. I attended the Risk Management class delivered by Dr. James T. Brown. His style and delivery method made the class very enjoyable and the concepts easy to learn. The best project management class I have attended in years.
Mike said…
Hey Jeff,

Great to meet you in person at the Nexus event. I agree with the bold ILINX Tablet announcement. Yes, this is a crowded market and one dominated by Apple in the consumer segment, but I think the business segment is up for grab, and there is no clear leader at the moment.

You can read my take on it here:

Hope to see and read you soon.

carolj said…
Thank, Jeff. It's great to hear another perspective on the conference. A couple of things to note:
You can register now for Nexus '11 for just $149 through November 30 (a $495 value).
Also, check out our Nexus '10 channel on Vimeo to view videos of keynotes and HD case study videos. (Unfortunately, Dr. Brown's presentation is only available to attendees.)