I Concur -- These are 10 People you should follow

From the article on Young Entrepreneur site … about The 10 People You Should Follow On Twitter Who Will Change Your Life.

imageI have had the privilege and pleasure of meeting and working with several of these people in person. I can tell you from personal experience that they are genuine, authentic and willing to go the extra mile. Some I have never met in person, but I have traded tweets, e-mails and phone calls. Again, they are genuine, authentic and willing to go the extra mile. Which is a testament to The Power of Twitter and Social Media in general.

A few that I’ve met and can’t say enough nice stuff about:

image Liz Strauss (@lizstrauss)

Liz is a connector and great person to know. Her experience and her ability to think through challenges is unparalleled.
image Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)

I have met Chris several times and I continue to be amazed at his ability to juggle it all and continue to provide a fresh perspective.
image Brian Solis (@briansolis)

I met Brian at Gnomedex this year. He was cordial, conversational and somewhat controversial. Just like I expected.

Thanks to Matt and Adam for writing about some of the best and friendliest people I have met on Twitter. I concur.

From the end of the article --- a few more to follow. Excerpted here: “And hey, while you’re following, be sure to follow @matthewtoren and @thebizguy too!”

Who are your Top 10 Recommendations?

I’m sure everyone has a few and I’m sure more than a few that are different than the 10 posted here.

That’s the the power of Twitter. People with different interests, passions and points of view can share what they know. It just so happens that the 10 listed here are very giving and willing to share what they know. And for that … I thank them.

Credits: YoungEntrepreneur.com, @matthewtoren, @thebizguy
Image Credits: @lizstrauss, @chrisbrogan, @briansolis

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