Ambassadors of SharePoint

In case you haven’t heard … SharePoint is a Community.

The best thing I like about working with SharePoint is without a doubt the community of people that make it so fun, enlightening, engaging and yes entertaining. If it wasn’t fun --- why would we do it, right?


There are a lot of people I see at the various SharePoint events on a regular basis. Most of them spend their days immersed in the intricacies and nuances of SharePoint. However, there are a few people that spend their days on other technologies and in other places. Yet, they choose to spend their time and energy with the SharePoint community. I call them ambassadors. They bring an outside perspective – a different way to think about the people and technology that SharePoint touches.

We Need More Jules’

imageWe need more people like Jules. In case you don’t know Jules Kremer she is a former Microsoft employee (just like me) and she is passionate about technology and all the things technology can bring us (again, just like me).

Jules is the consummate connector. She knows a lot of people. She knows a lot of stuff (really good stuff). And she is willing to share it. She makes connections with others. She even talks about cross product collaboration and technology development ideas (GASP!).

Embrace Them

If you find an ambassador in your community Embrace Them. They, like everyone else, have choices. They have chosen to work with your community and should be allowed and encouraged to move freely amongst the members.


  • Who are your favorite ambassadors to the the SharePoint Community?
  • Are you an ambassador to other communities?
  • What have been the best things you’ve learned from being one or working with ambassadors?


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