Are you in it to Win it or Watch it?

Seth Godin posted another seminal article that got me thinking.

Are you in it to Win it or Watch it?

imageAre most people more comfortable just watching and commentating? (arm chair quarterbacks)



Are more people interested in putting in the time and effort it takes to win?


The post was called Form and function and the point was that the old way of thinking has given way to a new way of thinking and that quite often the players from the old way are NOT the players in the new way.

The key point to explore was:

When a change in form comes to your industry, the first thing to discover is how it will change the function.

Fortunately there are a lot of people all over the planet will put in the time and effort to make it happen. They will at least try to win it. Sure, there will be failures along the way. But to me … I think those those that try (whether they win or not) will be more happy than those that comment from the sidelines.

Are you in it to Win it or Watch it?

What do you think?

  • Do you take an active approach to discovering new approaches?
  • Does your company?
  • In your experience, what happens to people and companies that take to the sidelines to commentate?

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Great post Jeff. All companies need to innovate or they will die. Some industries get hit harder and faster than others.

Have to be proactive and "doing", but carefully watching the market and your competitors can be key as well. Those who comment from the sidelines are much better in my eyes that those who lurk and don't participate at all.