Your Sandbox or Mine

imageThe SharePoint Sandbox is a great place to play and test.

Sure, the SharePoint Sandbox has some limitations, much like every sandbox does.

This is OK. The good news is you can test things on your own and you can invite your colleagues, co-workers, partners and even potential customers to step into the sandbox for a play session.

The Sandbox may be the best out-of-the-box innovation of the whole SharePoint experience.

Don’t let the limitations stop you for taking the best of what the SharePoint Sandbox has to offer. Which is … A place to play and test … then reset or restart at any point.

This is what Inspired this post

If you’ve been playing in the sandbox this cartoon may describe you. If so, that’s OK. The SharePoint is the place to test your ideas before you put them into production.

Is this your SharePoint Sandbox Experience?
via Betty of @GoComics - #betty #GoComics


So, Your Sandbox or Mine

Where you play is not as important as that you play. So, let’s get started and start playing. Because, guess what? What you build in the sandbox could turn into the next great SharePoint solution. The potential for solutions is huge --- vertical markets, horizontal markets and so many niche markets that they cannot possibly be all described here. After all, as I’ve written before … SharePoint is WIP Smart.


Let’s get started!

image credits: Betty by Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen

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