MBC - Money, Balance, Choice

imageIt was great to catch up with Melinda Curtis at the Microsoft WPC event today. While we were chatting she made an offhand comment about Money, Balance and Choice. I thought it was an interesting point about how we go though life and make plans to get things done.

  • Money - Early in our careers a lot of us are in it for the money. Perhaps this is mostly just a thing in the US, but I do think there is a lot of truth to this. Especially because early in our careers we (seemingly) had a lot more time than money.
  • Balance - Later we are seeking balance. Balance while the kids are in school and while we might be balancing dueling careers, kids in sports and our our own burgeoning careers
  • Choice - After the kids have grown (and hopefully we've grown too) we seek choice. The choice of who we work with, when we work and to some extent even if we work.

imageIt reminded me of a post I wrote wondering how people will spend their 8 (hours) by using PPT to determine where and who I work with. Where PPT is People, Process and Technology.

Thanks to Melinda for this seemingly offhand comment. It really got me thinking … and writing.

Where Are You on the MBC Scale Today?


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