Getting Barreled is Nirvana

If you have ever surfed or even played in the surf you know the power and pull of the ocean. For some it’s a magnet that cannot be denied. That feeling is magical.

imageToday a post by my friends at Swell Women on Maui highlighted a short video about getting barreled (aka getting tubed) and it reminded me that surfing has its own Zen and that getting barreled is Nirvana.

Getting Barreled is Nirvana ... it's hard to achieve, but once you've been there you'll never forget the experience. And, you'll want to get back there as often as possible.

Thanks Swell Women for the post and the stoke. If you want to connect with them for their week long retreat on Maui check out their web page –, SwellWomen on Facebook and @SwellWomen on Twitter.

How it feels to get barreled (video)

When the waves get over the surfer, it's called "getting barreled" because you can't go left or right; just straight. Check out this 1 minute video about getting barreled:

imageFor a bit more information about surfing you might want to check out some posts I’ve written about surfing.

Barrels Happen in a lot of places you might not expect. You can even get Barreled in New York!


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Stay Stoked! Get Barreled!

Seek Nirvana … Over and Over and Over!!!

Video Credit: skuke87