Seth Godin ROCKED it … Part Deux

WP_000849 (2)Seth Godin started the keynote with a controversial point …

Professional Wrestling is …          

(wait for it)   

… fake!

I know … I was shocked too!

Perception is Reality

As he started his keynote he mentioned this, but then added … this may not have been our belief when we were kids.

I think he wanted to start us off with a smile and a laugh. Which he did!

I’m pretty sure he wanted us to think about and consider perception. Our perceptions are different at different points in our lives. Sometimes at different points in our days. The world is changing at a rapid pace. We get to decide how we perceive it. We all perceive it differently.

“When the world changes … We get to choose what we see”
~ Seth Godin

Seth Godin

This  is part  II of my post about Seth Godin’s keynote session at the SAP Sapphire / ASUG event.

In case you missed it. Here is the first part -
Seth Godin ROCKED the Haus at Sapphire and ASUG

The Connection Economy

One of the points Seth mentioned a few times and kept coming back to was idea that Henry Ford polished and perfected automation. To me I think he mentioned these with both a sense of awe and the reality of awkward.

He mentioned a few specific ideas related to the cause and effects of the industrial revolution that Henry Ford embraced. These points are somewhat cynical, but I think Mr. Godin used them to prove his point. Some of these were much more effective as he described them with pictures. Which is why I encourage you to see Seth Godin speak in-person if you ever get the chance.

  • The Org Chart – If someone doesn’t show up. No problem. They just put in a new person.
  • Capitalism is taking risks (often with other people’s money)
  • Industrialism is about perfecting and putting a brighter shine on it
  • Creation – No one person can make a computer mouse (it takes multiple people with varied skills)

He spoke at length about The Connection Economy … and he highlighted a few salient factors:

  • Scales through Tribes
  • Influence and Connection
  • The Normal Curve is Melting
  • Interchangeable Parts leads to Interchangeable People

He also mentioned some obvious, yet funny and insightful points.

For example,

  • Metcalf’s Law – The valuable places are the places that connect us.
  • Cause & Effect – The guy that invented the ship … also invented the shipwreck
  • Differentiate – Do you want to have Free Hugs or Expensive Hugs?

Finally he asked … What is your Kryptonite? (and followed up with … Do you know?)

This was a great keynote and I give SAP and ASUG high praise for selecting Seth Godin to speak. He was fantastic. I hope this is a start of a trend within the SAP and ASUG communities to embrace the modern and extend the SAP ecosystem via a Connection Economy.

Thanks for reading. If we met on the show floor I look forward to catching up. If we didn’t meet but should … please contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you and hearing how Seth Godin impacted you.

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Douglas Crets said…
I believe the idea about valuable places being where people connect and get information. Any brand worth their customer's time needs to become a media / social organization that enables this.