Seth Godin ROCKED the Haus at Sapphire and ASUG

Seth GodinYesterday at the SAP Sapphire / ASUG annual meeting the organizers did an incredibly smart thing.

They hired Seth Godin to be a keynote speaker.

I was surprised that some of the attendees I spoke with weren’t too sure who he was, but I figured it might have been that a lot of them are techies. Regardless, the seats were full when Seth took the stage.

For those that don’t know Seth Godin … that’s OK. He’s a thinker, innovator and author, as well as a master of the short story with a purpose, and to anyone who saw him live at ASUG … they know he is an incredible speaker too.

Here is the tweet and facebook post I sent out after the session. Even with my typo I think it still expresses my sentiment quite well.

image I've gotta say Seth Godin rocked it at #Asug2013 / #sapphirenow today.
So many great ideas. #amygdala #linchpin FTW
(fixed typo)

Some of the best lines and points are below. There were a lot more. He was fantastic and really got me (and I hope everyone else) thinking.

Some of the best lines were:

  1. I have a remote (TV control) and I'm not afraid to use it
  2. If you can write it down ... I can find someone cheaper
  3. Don't strive to be heard when you are here ... Strive to be missed when you aren't

And finally ... Vulnerability is about Owning our Art

If you were in the audience what were your takeaways? What resonated with you?

Drop a comment here or ping me at any of my contact points below.

For the Intrepid Reader:

I’ve been a reader and a fan of Seth Godin’s for a long time. Below are some of the posts I’ve written that refer to the impact he (and his thinking and writing) has had on my life. If you have had similar experiences you’ll know what I mean.

Thanks for reading. If you see me on the show floor at ASUG say hello and let me know how Seth Godin impacted you.

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